Yoga stovepipe 2 action legs easy to change into

Guide: There are many ways to stovepipe, and stovepipe yoga is a good choice. The set of stovepipe yoga recommended by Xiaobian today can repair the leg shape, defeat the puffiness of the lower body, and make the legs longer and thinner.

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Stand in tree step1, with your feet apart wider than the length, the length straightens down naturally, straightens your body, your chest rises forward, your eyes look forward, and you relax.

  Step2 Straight forward and raised above the head, palms forward, slowly lift the heel off the ground, support your body with your toes, and lift upwards.

  Step3 swings and straightens, is as wide as shoulders, and points back and rear.

  step4 Put your hands down near the footstool, your heels can be lowered slightly near the floor, the top is lifted up, and your legs are stretched.

  Step 5 Put your body parts on a low weight, put your heels on the ground, return to the standing position, and relax your legs.


Sitting with one leg contracted Step1 Sit on the chair, hold your right leg with both hands and align, lift your right leg, and straighten your right toe.

  Step2 Raise your right leg to the height of your chest and look down on your right.

  Step3 The right foot plate is tilted.

  Step4 Hold your right leg with your left hand and align it with your right hand.

  Step5 Hold your right foot up with your right hand, lift it up, straighten it straight.

  Step6 Move the position of the hand to the center of the sole of the right foot and flip the toe straight.

  Step7 Repeat the above operation for the other side.