Live in the new house, lead the pension, and take a meal to the gaviage of the village in the pavilion every day. Now, my day is sweet than honey! My name is, I am 70 years old. It is a poor household in Shimen Village, Shimen Village, Xingxia. I have never left the Tiger Liang for a lifetime, and my mother is a poor farmer, the family is poor, I have never read the book, relying on a few acres of life. Later, I raised a group of sheep, and the situation in my family was slowly improved.

Originally, there were sheep, and there was no problem in the days.

But one year, I went out, I accidentally fell from the mountain, although I saved the life, but the legs left a problem, it became disabled.

Calculate, this is more than 30 years ago. The legs are inappropriate, and the land is put into the sheep. From then on, my family’s days have traveled, and they can’t succeed in a cave, and have been borrowing in the caves of others. It is too long old, and the cave is not leaking is a crack. For my safety, the village will pay for me to rely on a house. I only have a daughter, although married to the outside village, but she often comes with the son-in-law to take care of our old couple. I have a difference between my wife, I am not afraid, I can eat it, I will satisfy my child.

I didn’t expect to take care of the party’s central poverty alleviation policy.

After review, I was identified as poor households, the town village cadres and the help cadres were running towards my family, and the policy that can be enjoyed is not felt, and the New Year is also coming. Today, I have a year’s pensioner 1500 yuan, five lack of 5800 yuan, and five or six-acres returning farmland to forest land is 1500 yuan, and last year of the wife also received 1200 yuan pension.

The money collected in one year is much more than the income of the past few years. Life is not worried. I am happy that I have lived in immigrants last year.

According to policies, I have a new house with 40 square meters, only 8,000 yuan, and the government sent a car to send people.

The house is a daughter and son-in-law helping me decorate, I said that I can live in a simple decoration, and the son-in-law can’t be less. Let us comfortably serve the new house.

The house in one bedroom is a kitchen and one kitchen. Hydropower natural gas has, and the water is expensive, natural gas countries have subsidies, and life is much more convenient than before. The smoked kiln cave stayed in a lot of people. I just started to move in and I was not used to it. Now it is more and more comfortable! Old saying, eating water does not forget to dig well.

Zhuang people are really, don’t forget this, I have to tell people now, I can tell people now, I will have a good day of today, all rely on the party’s good policy, the party’s good cadres! (Torker: Hi Tiki, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Run, Run, Run: Yue Xiang) (Editor: Ma Yong, Chang Huizhong).