Han Rong and Yuhua’s work,Bodyguards him two in the line,Peaceful……Han Jiang and Fuhua really don’t work。
Hanjiang age,Experience only combat combat。
Fuhua lives for 50,000 years,I have never seen anything.,I want to seal myself in the quaum of sea.。
Leis’s things make two people feel regret,But I have to comfort,I can’t find the right words。
the following few days,There are some changes around Leis。
There are several bodyguards resigned.,The maid babysitter in the family http://www.merryenglish.cn has left several,More people privately rumored Ryres is the devil,There is a devil’s own daughter.。
I don’t want to ask this Leis.,Immersed in sadness。
Third day at night,Tarsen began to call in the middle of the night.。
After the entrance of Han Jiang and Yuhua violence,I saw Leiss hiding in the bed, she was shaking.。
“I、I saw a very big theater,A very large library,There is also an operating table in the library,I am lying on the operating table.……”
“I,They want to kill me,They want to kill me!”
Han Jiang and Fuhua pair,This symptom is a bit like Professor of New Jersey University.,But not too。
The two reported this matter to Alistan,Ai Yinstein said this may be the impact of domain,Let two people pay attention to the people around Leis。
The signing of the law has not arrived in the air to the air, and people dream people dream their space.,I can’t rely on my own will to affect her.。
Bronia is the best example,Even if the ability is deprived,There is a big impact in this block of use.,At least she has no dream of dominating,Emotion is not affected。
Daytime on the next day,Hanjiang Search Room Room,I found a arm under his bed。
“How come this?”Hanjiang asked in Leis。
Leis’s eyebrow wrinkle,“do not know,I have been in the study during the day.,Only evening……”
“Is there a monitoring in the villa??”Han Jiang asked。
“some,I am so calling people to check。”Just finished,Leis said:“Do not,I have passed now.。”
Han Jiang and Fuhua followed behind,Han Jiang looked at the people’s doll:“I didn’t expect a small arm to have such a big impact.。”
Fuhua took people from Hanjiang to the hand arm,I don’t know carefully.。
“The power contained in the arm is not strong。”Fuhua said:“This power does even affect the body and mind of an ordinary person。”
“It should be that his daughter is too big to cause him.。”
The two followed Lereis to monitor the room.,Villa in villa,Place is large,But only five or six monitored。
After getting the consent of Leis,Han Jiang directly let six screens simultaneously forward20Seventy-two hours who have seen it。
After reading it,It is found that http://www.guangzhou86.cn except for the cleaning nanny,Nobody enters Leres’s room。
Nanny looks more than 50,What do you want to do it?。
Leis looks at the suspended monitor screen,Black face said to the bodyguard:“Call Sofia,Not here,Go to the room。”