“I hope they don’t have any more successors!”The voice has not fallen,Sovereign Red Lotus heard the rustling sound。
“Even bugs!”
Wind Beast Mountain Lord,Five World Gods, including the Blood Beast God, are good at shooting in the world of insects and beasts,More than twenty heads are comparable in strength to the world,Over a hundred heads, overall strength is slightly inferior,But the insects and beasts no smaller than the gods of the world flew out,Kill directly to the Red Lotus Nine Worlds。
The Five World http://www.fjhcd.cn Realms in the Nine Worlds of Red Lotus,Nine Fang Xiaoqian Ancestral Gods array under the formation,But not afraid。
after all,These insects and beasts together are equivalent to the power of thirty world realms。And the power is scattered,Nine Fang Xiaoqianzu divine formations can last a long, long time。
Unexpected,A wind beast spit out a gust of wind。
Gangfeng hit the Xiaoqianzu god array,Suddenly split a knife light,Stabbed into a small thousand ancestor god array。
Xiaoqianzu God Array,The power of the formation can dump 90% of the attacks into the void,The remaining attacks are shared by thousands of ancestors。
However, the power of this knife,Even if it’s only one part per million,Are far beyond the ability of ordinary ancestors。
Thousands of ancestors,More than half were shaken to death by the force of this blade。
There are less than 400 ancestral gods under him,Without the blessing of the Xiaoqianzu God Array,Taken out by the second knife,Also shattered and fallen。
Because of the power of this knife,Also beyond the pinnacle of the world!
Thirty-six world,Driving《Tianganghua Star Array》,Led by a sword master of the pinnacle of the world,Killed a small thousand ancestors with a single blow。
Nine Fang Xiaoqianzu divine formation plus five world realm spell blessings,Originally, it was very difficult http://www.cfchateau.cn to resist the three-party great thousand ancestors,In addition, there are a lot of insects。It all depends on the Red Lotus Sovereign controlling the Nine Worlds of Red Lotus from a distance to form an array restriction assistance,Can resist。