“That’s probably hard,They are too dispersed,Some disguised passengers,Some disguised bells,Change me is them,It will definitely grab the passengers around you to do the hostage in the first time.。”冴 冴 獠 獠 翻 翻,Touch a automatic rifle back。
Pistol does not need,He carries。
Not the factory,His love gun Kelt military version of the python is hidden on the body,Special hidden tips,It’s easy to bring a cruise ship.。
槙 槙 香 is not persistent,Large favorably,Tube,pistol、Bunch gun、The automatic rifle has hung up。
Time to Liao Jie,He is quite tangled and looks at the dazzling,There is a kind of helplessness。
The shadow with guns in the previous time is still,Gun method compassion,Just one step away from the masters of the human body。
Although the physical quality is constantly enhanced,It is not difficult to fight against the enemy.,But because of winning the evil sword,The guns are never within the scope of his considerations.。
“what happened,Ajie, you won’t use a gun?”Wild, scorpion coming to the suitcase。
Liao Jie joke,This,Normal people who will use guns!
“Do you want me to help you pick a?”Wild, scorpion, leaping long skirts, showing snow, white long legs,When Liao Jie’s face,It is good to have a tie with a flying knife on the thigh.。
White welfare,Don’t look at it。
Liao Jie appreciates the eyes,Pure no impurities,Guangming is looking at the whole process,Until two long legs hidden in the skirt,Only from the suitcase, I touched a Burletta.M92F。
If you don’t make a mistake,The piano wine is used is this,Take out the show,Add some shadows to Conan。
If it is in Conan’s face,Open the same suitcase,The effect will not be better?
“Just pick a pistol,Is your gun method very good??”Wild, scorpion, hands, shoulders, laughing。
“Very bad,Don’t say to kill people,I touched a few guns,Five steps finger foot。”
Liao Jie got a few bullets:“This shot, I take it.,The main purpose is to scare each other,Don’t count, I can hit people.。”
“Will not be so exaggerated?”
“This is true,I am just a small staff member,Unmodorant ordinary person,There are a few relatives who do police.,I can’t get it in your gun.,Let’s act together,I will cause serious threat to your life.。”
Liao Jie said serious face:“In order to avoid dragging legs, everyone will resort,I will not participate in this action.,Stay behind this hall,At the same time, you will give you spiritual support and encouragement。”
This is,Still don’t want to take responsibility?
It should be the latter,Intuitive telling her,Liao Jie is very powerful,Never only make progress behind the scenes。
What is the idea of wild?,Liao Jie does not care,When I saw it,He knows that this action is nothing wrong with him.。
World-class fireman,冴 冴 獠 獠 百 百,A person got a special troop,Bigger,Waiting for the anti-terrorism force,The only job is to wash。
Time to 6 pm,The shadow of the anti-terrorism troops did not see,Wild, scorpions don’t dare to wait,Decided to take the initiative to attack before the terrorists。
Liao Jie waved goodbye to a few people,Close the door,Looking at the baggage box smile and gradually。
Gun and machine A is a romantic man’s romance,This point is not fake,Although he does not have to,But collect a few,There is something that is nothing to come out, it is also good.。
Ten thousand steps,Can’t let Conan disappointed!
As for the gun, I haven’t explained it.,That is the problem that is considered wild,There is no relationship with him.。
Liao Jie pushes the room window,And then increasing the small red umbrella,I found that the storage space is insufficient.,There is no way to the bag, and there is no way.。
“No,Space and time,Extremely confusing,At first glance,Squeezing a rude。”
the other side,After leaving the private room,And in the wild,Frown:“Scorpion,Before you are induce a guy.。”
“how,You are jealous?”Wild, scorpion。
“A little,After all, I love you so.。”
冴 冴 獠 獠 獠 獠,Harsh:“Give you an advice,Far away from him,He is not the same as I,Too too close, you will be injured。”