“Row,I know。”Ye Boping noticed that he was a little gaffe,Nod and answer gently。
“It’s been so long,Xiaoxia hasn’t contacted you yet??I can see it anyway,She likes you very much。”Liu Shuqin smiled slightly。
“cough,All false,mom,You don’t know her,She doesn’t like me。”Ye Boping shook his head。
“Mom doesn’t believe it,I am here,Does she like you,I can tell at a glance,Tell me where she lives,I’ll talk to her,It’s because of her anyway,You just divorced Zhang Siwei。”Liu Shuqin stubbornly thinks that her son and Xia Shuyue are a pair。
“okay,Leave me alone。”Ye Boping doesn’t want to talk about these annoying things with Liu Shuqin,I ate and went back to my room。
Speaking of Xia Shuyue,Ye Boping is angry,I thought this girl was interesting to me,Unexpectedly, what I saw at the gate of the community last time was a big belly。
Carrying someone else’s child and staying away from him,Obviously want to catch,Obviously a hateful and scheming woman,It’s too bad!
Think I divorced just for such a woman,Really not worth it,but,Xia Shuyue in a special period,It’s easy to kill her,Ha ha……
Pregnant man,Just hit hard,Let her fall and kill her,Let’s solve this harm first,It’s not too late to consider Zhang Siwei。
Ye Boping lying in bed,Looking at the ceiling coldly,I wondered how to find Xia Shuyue。
I have been guarding at the gate of Zhang Siwei’s house for more than a week,I’ve never seen Xia Shuyue once,That she no longer lives in the villa,Did you have a baby?,I saw her huge belly that day,Should be born soon。
But think again,The baby should be discharged within a week,Will you return home?
To verify whether Xia Shuyue is still in the provincial capital,Ye Boping went to Xia Shuyue’s rental house early the next morning,The door is closed,Look from the window,It should be a long time since nobody lives。
Damn it,Such a big city,Where to find someone,Thinking about,Don’t know why,Ye Boping came to the old house where he and Zhang Siwei were married。
Look up,Clothes hanging on the balcony,He immediately smiled coldly,There is nowhere to be found,It’s all effortless,I didn’t expect Zhang Siwei to let Xia Shuyue live in。
Logically,Zhang Siwei definitely cannot tolerate Xia Shuyue living in their wedding room,but,The house has been empty for so many years,The lord who is not short of money,It’s impossible to rent out the house suddenly now。
So the only explanation is to live with Xia Shuyue,Because the villa let her live,Let alone this house,Maybe the two of them united to lie to themselves。