Until Seen calms down,This way:“Trangot let me wait for you here,Then tell you,You guessed that the temptation of other forces has come,I had a little conflict with others since last night,I have played three games this morning!”
Leo heard Seun’s words,The smile on his face gradually disappeared。
“I didn’t expect to come so soon,And it seems that their strength is not weak!”
Played three games in one morning,I’m afraid a lot of casualties。
And it’s definitely not the second-rate forces that test them.,Those who come are afraid of powerful second-rate forces with 80-level masters.。
quickly,Leo finds Troangot。
“Leo boss,The Sete Union and Ball Union。”
Leo nodded:“Talk about the strength of these two。”
Both the Dorset Union and the Ball Union are Chambord28Strong second-rate forces in the area。
in28No first-class power in the area,In fact, there are only seven or eight first-class forces in the entire Chambord area,Are focused on the important position of shampoo。
It’s not that shampoo has few first-class powers,It means that many powerful first-class forces have just opened up sub-powers in Shampoo.,Their nest is somewhere else。
For example, Brother Ming left a strong presence in the shampoo land,But he rarely comes。
and28Number area,There are two powerful second-rate forces,Dorset Union and Ball Union,In addition to the dozens of previous unions similar to Moses、The West Keen Trade Union,These are28The composition of underground forces in the area。
Now Leo dominates three second-tier forces,Plus a large number of masters gathered,There is already a shadow of a powerful second-rate force。
“We suddenly strengthened,So it caused the fear of the two unions!”Trangot says。
Leo has an understanding of what Troangot said。
Before he occupied Moses,Those two did not move,Because Leo can’t threaten them,The ups and downs of the secondary second-rate forces,Places like shampoo,There are two or three hundred second-rate forces,Everyday some people rise and some are destroyed。
So those two didn’t care at first,But now Leo has the strength of almost three sub-second-rate forces,Can compete with powerful second-rate forces at once,Of course they can’t just ignore it。