“Lao Niang” went to the fairy, and also took away some of the air in the film and television drama
Li Jiusong was born as a comic actor and performed on stage at the age of six. He is a veteran artist, but it is his long-established Shanghai sitcom sitcom-“Lao Niang” that brought him the most fame.The “Old Lady Uncle” of the Shanghai audience is gone!Quyi Li Jiusong died of illness at the age of 86 at the poster of “Lao Niang”.In the Wu dialect, “uncle” has three meanings: one is the uncle in blood relationship, the other is the highly respected middle-aged and old men who are good at mediating disputes in the family neighborhood, and the third is the name for the traffic police.Lao Niang, the second meaning is indeed chiseled. The word “old” in front of it not only refers to being good at human feelings, but also a little more kind. Although ten miles are in different townships, because of the transcendence in family relations, “Uncle” has a very high right to speak about many family matters. In the Yangtze River Delta region, he was labeled as a “mediator”.”Lao Niang” is also such a starting point, with the inertia of Lao Niang’s family to reflect the life of ordinary people in Shanghai, the true meaning of life is broken up and broken into the bits and pieces of the script.After Li Jiusong appeared in this role, because of the cunning face, thin hair, humorous talk and embarrassment in the face of the small tensions in life from time to time in the charity, it became the spokesperson of the “old lady uncle”.Cao Kefan called him the “old lady uncle” in the hearts of Shanghainese people on Weibo and “a great man who has brought laughter to everyone all his life”. Times create heroes, and the success of people and characters is inseparable from the relationship of the times.”Lao Niangjiu” was born in Shanghai in 1995, and it has its own era factors.At that time, Indah and others created the situation comedy genre in China with “I Love My Family”. “Laugh” has unprecedented power on the screen.As a result, there has been a boom of sitcoms for nearly two decades, and there are many people who are eager to try it out. Shanghai’s local TV stations have also participated in it, so there is “Lao Niang”. Compared with “I Love My Family”, “Lao Niangjiu” only spreads in the Yangtze River Delta because of the dialogue in Shanghai, and also created extremely high local ratings. It is different from “I Love My Family”.”Old Lady Uncle” focuses on local life, and subtly calls a solution to all kinds of trivial matters among parents. It has very distinctive regional characteristics in connotation and form and is very grounded.This was a very innovative practical exploration in the golden age of television culture in the 1990s. Good positioning represents half of the success, and the other half is achieved by the actors. Mao Mengda, Chen Guoqing, Li Jiusong, Nen Niang, etc. who played roles in the play are all famous performers of Shanghai style drama.In the theater culture of Shanghai School, Yin has many years of stage experience, and has a meticulous experience of local life.Driven by a good book and excellent production power, it is difficult to succeed. Sure enough, “Lao Niang” once launched, population.Li Jiusong plays an important role in this. His performances are naturally irony, like the spring wind and rain, “Allah is the old lady of our neighbor.”Because the episodes are so close to life, many people use the way to deal with the problems in the drama as a guide to solve family affairs. When they meet Li Jiusong in life, they will also call “Old Lady Uncle” affectionately.This is the role of art, the effect of good art close to the audience. Li Jiusong.Now looking back on that era, starting with “I Love My Family”, there are “Northeast Family”, “Cooking Class Story”, “Wu Lin Gaiden”, “Idle Sister Ma”, “Underground Transportation Station”, “Old Lady” and “Family with Children”Many dramas and other dramas are full of battles, and laughter has shaped the Chinese people’s cognition of family life, army life, education topics, patriotism and other fields.Among them, “sub-classic” episodes such as “Old Lady Uncle”, “Sister Idle Man”, “72 House Tenants”, and “Alien Daughter-in-Law”, which are warped in the life drama, reflect the joys and sorrows of the people on the micro level.Up to now, sitcoms have faded. Although there are continuous variety shows that are shaking people’s nerves, the era when they can laugh or wantonly laugh is gone. The old man of Li Jiusong also left, adding a bit of haze to the days when the epidemic was suddenly gloomy.But think about it. When a highly respected “mediator” runs away, many questions about life will be lost. This is a sad thing in itself.However, the haze will not last forever, and the troubles will dissipate. The only thing we can do is to meet the difficulties and solve them, and be cherished. □ He Shuwo (commenter) Editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Wei Zhuo

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