After two consecutive boards received follow-up letters, OneNet Onechuang first revealed or acquired Zhejiang Shangbai
On April 16th, OneNet One Innovation (300792), who received the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s attention letter three days ago, issued a reply announcement.In the reply announcement, in response to the company’s merger of two consecutive boards before and after the announcement of the first quarter performance announcement, OneNet OneCreat denied the existence of inside information and re-disclosed the name of the company that won the bid in the proposed acquisition announcement-Zhejiang ShangBai E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhejiang Shangbai”).) The performance forecast reveals two consecutive boards. OneNet One denied that the inside information overlapped. On April 9 and April 10, OneNet One Create continued its daily limit for two consecutive days.On the evening of April 9, Yiwang Yichuang released the first quarter 2020 performance forecast. The report summarizes that Yiwang Yichuang is expected to make a profit of 46 million to 47.95 million yuan, an increase of 42% -48%.Therefore, the OneNet and OneCreation required by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange verify that there is an insider information deviation, and the expansion is obviously more than the reasons for the GEM Composite Index.Yiwangyichuang said that when preparing the “First Quarter 2020 Results Forecast”, the company adopted multiple confidential measures, including changing the timing of decision-making and materials, strictly controlling the scope of insider information and requiring all insider information to be informedPeople abide by the company’s “Information Disclosure System”, and at the same time clearly inform relevant inside information insiders of long-term information confidentiality obligations, and prohibit the change of inside information, prohibit the use of this performance forecast information for insider trading and trading of the company’s stock.The company also filled out the list of insiders of inside information in accordance with relevant regulations. In summary, there is no information department in the process of preparing the “First Quarter 2020 Results Forecast”.Zhejiang Shangbaida and Yongan Forestry did not succeed, and OneNet One Creation became the new “gold master” of Zhejiang Shangbai. On March 16, OneNet One Creation disclosed the announcement on “Planning for Equity Acquisition”. The company is currently working with a companyShareholders have a dialogue, and the company intends not to exceed 3.At a consideration of 800 million US dollars, the 51% equity of the target company was acquired until the progress of related matters was not found.The Shenzhen Stock Exchange requires OneNet and OneCreat to explain the progress of the above equity acquisition and information confidentiality, and verify whether the information indicates that it is timely and whether there is any deviation of inside information, and at the same time report the insider information insider list to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.In this way, Yiwangyichuang disclosed for the first time in the reply letter the name of the above-mentioned target company, namely Zhejiang Shangbai.Established in 2015, Zhejiang Shangbai is mainly engaged in the agency operation service of brand e-commerce, providing customers with internal integration of services including business strategy, data marketing, channel operation, content marketing, consumer operation, supply chain coordination and other services on the e-commerce platformE-commerce operation services.The main financial indicators of Zhejiang Shangbai’s 2019 annual budget are total assets of 121.28 million yuan, debt budget of 46.15 million yuan, net assets of 75.13 million yuan, operating income of 18.614 million yuan, and net profit of 40.36 million yuan.In 2018, Yongan Forestry, whose main business is the forestry industry, once sought to acquire the controlling stake in Zhejiang Shangbai for up to US $ 1 billion in cash, but it was terminated after 10 months. The specific reason is that the relevant ownership is only the proportion of equity in the transaction.Agreed on payment terms and other aspects.Yiwangyichuang said that at present, the relevant intermediary agencies hired have completed the early due diligence work, and Zhejiang Shangbai has made corrections to the problem points based on the results of the due diligence.The company visited the main external customers of the target company to further verify the results of the target company’s due diligence.The first intermediary agency engaged in the preliminary review and evaluation work, OneNet OneCreat and the target company conducted a preliminary merger on the terms of the equity acquisition transaction.OneNet One Creations stated that the company’s stocks have grown mainly since they were listed on September 27, 2019, and the closing rate on April 15 was a gradual increase of 579.20%, staggered with the deviation of the GEM Composite Index during the same period, and the dynamic market surplus was 97.6486 times, the static market surplus is 131.1858 times.Yiwangyichuang said that if the future foreign epidemic situation continues to deteriorate and cannot be effectively controlled, causing internal macroeconomic distortions, or major adverse changes in national industrial and monetary policies, and major adverse changes or adverse factors in the international trading environment, it may lead to the companyUnable to expand new customers and markets, continue to improve the company’s service capabilities, and may have an adverse impact on the company’s continued profitability, resulting in a decline in the company’s operating performance.As of the close of midday on April 16, OneNet One gained 0.48%, reported 267.49 yuan / share, the latest market size is 214.3.6 billion yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Zeyan editor Yue Caizhou proofreading the reporter of Wei Zhuo: zhangzeyan @

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