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Although seafood has high nutritional value, we must also pay attention to the disadvantages.

Scallops are a common food we eat, but do scallops have parasites?

It is undeniable that most of the seafood have parasites, but most of the parasites die under high temperature, so it is scallops. All seafood is best eaten after high temperature.Don’t worry about it.

Does the scallop meat have parasites?
Scallop meat has a high probability of parasites, but it will be okay when cooked. After high-temperature scallop meat, parasites will not survive, so do not eat raw scallop meat.

The scallop consumption precautions are suitable for the general population.

People with high cholesterol, high blood fat constitution, and people with goiter, bronchitis, stomach disease and other diseases can also be used.

Trace protein, omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium, low conversion and no saturated traces.

Eating scallops regularly can help prevent heart disease, stroke, and dementia.

Dieters should eat properly.

People with chronic illnesses should not be cautiously eaten, shellfish is cold and cold, so those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Do not eat certain foods related to scallops at the same time!

Scallops are seafood, cold and cold.

Is it safe to eat oranges and scallops for two hours?
^-^ 1. Don’t eat foods containing acid and acid when eating seafood, it will cause diarrhea, including orange, persimmon, tea and some others.

2, eat seafood and eat less foods high in VC, will be poisoned, including fruits, VC tablets and so on.

The shellfish itself is rich in umami. Do not add MSG when cooking, and do not add more salt, so as not to lose the umami taste. The intestines in shellfish are not suitable for consumption.

Fresh scallops have normal color and luster, no odor, smooth and smooth touch, good elasticity; stale scallops have reduced color and luster, have sour taste, feel sticky, and have poor elasticity.

Fresh red scallops are yellow-brown or light yellow-brown, shiny and elastic; stale fresh scallops are gray-brown or light green, non-glossy and inelastic.

Do not eat undercooked shellfish to avoid contracting diseases such as hepatitis.

Consumption Note that the edible parts of the scallop are the inner muscles and gonads of the open shell. The large inner muscles are white and delicious.

The gonads are slightly flaky. When the gonads mature in late spring, the gonads of female scallops turn beautiful red, while the gonads of male scallops turn milky white.

Frozen scallops must be cooked before thawing. The frozen scallop meat is firm, moist and shiny. The cooking time of scallops should not be too long (usually 3?
4 minutes), otherwise it will harden, dry and lose umami.
When thawing scallops, you can put them in boiled milk (that has been removed from the stove), or put them in the refrigerator.