Do you have a conversation with a colleague?

In the workplace, communication and communication are essential. To get along with colleagues, the most important thing is communication. If there is no topic for each other, what should you do?

  It is a good choice to pay attention to the news around you and the things everyone cares about.

What’s happening around you, people are more concerned about, some housing prices, transportation, etc. can talk.

In addition, we can discuss things like May 1st and 11th that everyone is very happy to say.

  Smile often, and make eye contact with the other person. As the saying goes: “Raise your hands and don’t smile at people.” Get along with colleagues. If you feel nothing to say about the topic they are actively discussing, then you must learn to smile and listen.

Make eye contact when talking to the other person.

  You need to adjust your mindset. Do n’t take the lead and think that you have nothing to talk with your colleagues in the workplace. If you want to get along with your colleagues, you have to take the initiative to incorporate your ideas, pay more attention to the concerns of colleagues around you, and help you find topicsbasis.

  In the face of the right and wrong gossip of a specific individual, it is not good to stay neutral at this time. It is not good to have people where there is right and wrong. The so-called water is clear and the fish is not.

When your colleagues gossip, learn to be neutral properly and echo a few words appropriately: “Is it?

“Do not express a clear opinion on things that are not clear. In short, learn to” participate but not inherit peace. ”

  In the face of people of different ages, talking about different topics with younger people, food, clothes and interesting things in life are good topics, while older, colleagues with children are together, the topics are all offWithout the children, you can listen to them talk about the children’s interesting things, with a few words.

Chat with older colleagues and ask for advice, showing that you want to hear his advice and teachings.

Of course, these must be different from person to person, so we should pay more attention to the hobbies and personalities of colleagues, and find common points of interest.

  Women’s topics must be popular where there are women. If you want to find topics with female colleagues, it is even simpler.

The topic of women must be popular: beauty, discounts, cosmetics, clothes, shoes and bags, weight loss . exchanges of some tips and experiences, immediately make you talk.

  When chatting between colleagues, pay attention to listening and listening to each other’s opinions, which is an important communication skill.

When chatting with colleagues, you should listen carefully and listen.

  Do n’t: Do n’t talk about the privacy of colleagues, talk less about the unit ‘s affairs. Colleagues can talk to each other in the South, the North, and the North, but do n’t involve privacy. Even if the colleague tells you yourself, you should think twice before giving your opinionRow.

  What do you do to people, to others?

  All in all, treat people with sincerity and enthusiasm. Being a person is like looking in the mirror. You laugh at him, you cry, you cry.

When talking to others, you need to talk about skills, but skills are not enough.

After all, it ‘s been a long time and everyone ‘s heart is clear.