Real Psychology Implied in Man’s Imagery

Although men are very good at camouflaging their hearts, they often show nothing, and the attentive woman will always trim some clues from his performance.

The following reveals the true psychology hidden in the man’s appearance.

  The real psychology hidden in a man’s appearance: 1. The man who constantly watches his watch gives the impression that he is punctual, rigorous, and able to do things well, but if he is dating you, he is always no later than no later, orLook at your watch from time to time while waiting for the bus.

This may be because he over-obeyed principles and dogmas, or even because the environment in which he lived from a young age was more depressing, which led to his unrestrained and unrestrained personality.

Living with such a stereotyped, dogmatic man, isn’t it blame not to be lethargic?

  2. Women talk about women who like to talk about and give pointers to everything they see, and they speak amazingly. Men who admire words are both admired and admired.

In fact, this also shows that the man’s heart is not generous and somewhat arrogant. If you have been together for a long time, he will exert this talent on you.

Your lipstick is too glamorous, your clothes are too gray, and even the dishes you cook are a little salty. He will comment on everything and speak harshly. Can you bear it?

  3, the old and forgetful man often tells you that he has completely forgotten his past lover, and now only you in his heart.

But think about it from another angle. Isn’t it a bit indifferent for a man to forget such a clean past?

In addition, a man who talks bad things about his ex-girlfriend is even more unreliable. Since he once fell in love, why should he denigrate her?

This kind of man has a small belly.

  4, generous shots Women always like to use the generosity of men’s shots to the intensity of a certain kind of man’s love, which is quite unwise.

If he really wants to live with you for a lifetime, he will spend too much money, because he is spending both of you!

In addition, such an extraordinary man in love, often becomes extremely stingy after marriage.

He thought so: I’ve spent so much on you, now that you are my person, why should I be the head of injustice?

  5, can’t live without you for a moment. He said that the two of them are the best in the world, not because he loves you madly, but because he is a very strong, selfish and arrogant man with a strong possessive love.

Maybe in the future, if you and your male colleague talk a few more words on the phone, he will eat half a day of vinegar and he will let you stay with him.

Do you have the courage to give up freedom because you love him?

He also knows how to care for his lover.

  6. A filial man respects his mother’s man. He also knows how to care for his lover.

But every time a man goes home, he has to chat with his mother for a long time, obedient to his mother’s words, it is likely that he has an oedipal complex, or is not too confident in his own abilities, thus losing the man’s spirit.

  7, friends all over the world, women see countless men and friends, they think men are well mixed and attractive.

But you may not realize it for the time being. You have too many friends and many worries.

If you keep bringing new and old friends home or have endless entertainment after your marriage, you will find it difficult to adapt.

  8. The lethality of a sentimental and emotional man cannot be underestimated. He strives to refine every detail of life.

There are very few men who are romantic in their bones. He is just trying to please you.

When he completely prisons your heart, his mediocrity will be revealed.

Even if he is really a downright romanticist, when he starts frowning for your hairstyle has not changed for a month, you will feel that being a man’s wife is very tiring.

  9. Well-dressed women should not be easily confused by the elegant illusions of well-dressed men.

If you want to know if a man has details and tastes in life, don’t look at his suit for wrinkles when dating, but go to his house to see if he can be messy and whether he is sticking to the starspainting.

The kind of man with strong contrast on the surface may be good at thinking.

  10, “Sex” is full of fun If the first kiss between the man and you is so impeccable, don’t rush to rejoice that you met a man with a friendly attitude.

To make you disappointed, maybe he is a veteran.

If a man is always so “sexual” and full of perfection, and says that this is his first time, you have to be careful, he may already be familiar with women.