Alashan Le Zuoqi self-supporting Jijaqi stood a self-driving tourist tourists, fully transferring the transfer of tourists service security work, using true feelings, so that Isolated tourists fully understand the same warmth. At present, Alashan Laqi has been delayed by Jijanqi self-driving tour tourists, respectively, in Bay Hohhot, the designated hotel of Jiuhuyuan Scenic Area, respectively.

Inside the hotel, the staff is concentrated twice a day, and the necessary psychological counseling and health monitoring is provided to retention tourists.

"We mainly undertake the management of isolation hotel, assigning experienced medical staff to implement a special person responsibility system, and the rest of the personnel do their best to stay the isolation and security of tourists, so they can successfully spend the isolation period.

"Wang Jia, Alashan Central Hospital said. It is understood that the flag has been involved in each hotel room that is separated by tourists.

In order to ensure that dietary safety and supply during the centralized isolation of tourists, the major isolation hotels sent a special job, and sent three meals on time. In order to protect the safety of food that undertakes tourists, October 31, the A Zuoqi Market Supervision Bureau also launched a special inspection of food safety in 7 tourists in the jurisdiction.

At the same time, law enforcement officers conduct live detection on the hotel’s vegetables, rice, flour, edible oil, seasonings and other food raw materials, a total of 70 batches, and the test results are qualified. (Reporter Liu Hongzhang Intern Zhang Xuemei) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.