The Decirant Military Affairs Bureau of Chengzhong District is on the top annual review and rehabilitation of the disability certificate. Xining City Retired Military Affairs Bureau is awarded the "My Post, I am responsible for me in the post," I will be relieved in the job ", the Chengzhong District Retired Military Affairs Bureau is based on the service of the service retired military, and takes the way to work in the way. Expected tricks, actively fully carry out annual trials of disabled special care objects, change the wounded evidence, and promoting party history education continues to walk deep. In the event, the China Retired Military System Arranged from the National Work System in the country to transfer the rules of the people to the discipline, quickly launched the survey, and combined with the foregoing household visit, telephone interview, community inquiry The situation is inconvenient to the whole district, and 11 disabled retired soldiers who have been older and the child is not around. The physical disability is high, and the medical disability will work, and send a documentary for them to the documentary. "CD and album, let them get the glorious history and style of the retired soldiers in" July 1 "to join the party, and let them complete the annual review of the" Disabled Certificate "annual review at home.