The five elements have different constitutions and different tonics.

In the winter season, the diet should be adjusted according to different individuals, and appropriate foods should be selected accordingly, so as to achieve the real health effect.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, people born at different times have different personalities, so their dietary requirements are also different.

According to the ancient ancient five-element physiology, people can be divided into five elements, such as golden wood, water, fire and soil, and the other has different constitutions and different tonics.

  Wooden figure: According to the “Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor” (Lingshu?

Twenty-five people in yin and yang) said: The wood-shaped person, compared to the upper corner, is like the Emperor Cang.

It is human, pale, small head, long face, large shoulders, straight back, small body, good hands and feet.

Talented, hard-working, less power, more worry, work.

Can spring and summer, not autumn and winter, feel sick.

Generally speaking, the wood-shaped person’s body is full of yin and yang, and the liver gas is strong. It is resistant to spring and summer but not to autumn and winter. It is prone to stagnation, and often feels mentally depressed.Luck will come naturally.

  Medlar mutton sorghum moisturizing lung and stomach benefit diet: May wish to eat more foods that have lung moistening, stomach, liver and spleen and kidney benefits, such as beef, mutton, glutinous rice, sorghum, wolfberry, lily, privet seed, coriander, mulberry and so on.

  Medicinal diet can be used “medlar mutton porridge”: 30 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of mutton, 150 grams of rice, light white, refined salt, MSG each amount.

Wash the wolfberry.

Wash and chop the lamb.

Wash the rice, add it to the casserole with mutton, wolfberry, and scallion, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and cook porridge on low heat. Add MSG, refined salt when eating, which has the effects of nourishing the liver and yin, and warming the kidney and yang.

  Fire-shaped people: Fire-shaped people, compared to Shangzheng, like the Red Emperor.

It is human, red, off-face, small head, good shoulders, abdomen, small hands, feet, and peace of mind, shaking his shoulders, full of flesh.

Gas, light money, small letter, worry, seeing things clearly, good-looking, anxious, dying of life.

Huoxing people are usually born in the summer. The yang in the body is relatively strong, and the key to a healthy and healthy life is to nourish yin and suppress yang, nourish the heart and kidneys, and use water to relieve fire.

  Taro mullet tonic liver and spleen diet: You can eat more foods that nourish qi and nourish yin and nourish liver and kidney, such as yam, lentils, lilies, wolfberry, taro, mullet, chicken, duck, etc.

  Medicinal diet can be used “taro porridge”: 100 grams of fresh taro, previously 100 grams of rice, mainly sugar.

Wash and peel the taro, cut into small pieces, add it to the casserole with the washed rice, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, turn to low heat and cook until the rice is cooked, add sugar, and cook a little.

It has the effect of nourishing the liver and strengthening the spleen and kidney.

  Earth-shaped person: Earth-shaped person, compared to the upper palace, is similar to the ancient Huangdi.

It is human, yellow, round face, big head, beautiful shoulders, large abdomen, tibia, small hands and feet, fleshy, commensurate from top to bottom, lifting and floating.

Peace of mind, good people, do not like power, good people.

Can fall and winter, not spring and summer, spring and summer feel sick.

Earth-shaped people generally have good spleen and stomach functions, strong adaptability, and can adapt all year round, so they have a good physique, strong self-healing ability, and good self-feeling.

  Ginger juice is added to the food to improve the qi and stomach diet: taro, potatoes, corn, barley, sorghum, beef, lamb, chicken, wolfberry, Morinda and other foods can have the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, regulating lungs and nourishing the stomach.

  Medicinal diet can use “Ginger Beef Rice”: 100 grams of fresh beef, 5 grams of ginger juice, 500 grams of previous rice, soy sauce, peanut oil each amount.

Shred the fresh beef, chop it into a minced meat shape, put it on a plate, then add ginger, mix well, add soy sauce, peanut oil and mix.

Put the previous rice pan into the casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook rice as usual. When the water in the pan is dry, pour the beef into the rice and steam for about 15 minutes. Wait until the beef is cooked.

Benefits Qi and stomach, nourishing kidney and spleen.

  Jin Xingren: Jin Xingren is more like Shangdi than Baidi.

It is human, white, small head, small shoulders, lower abdomen, small hands and feet, such as bones outside the cyanosis, light bones.

Body clean, anxious and calm, good for the officials.

Can fall and winter, not spring and summer, spring and summer feel sick.
Because Jinxing people are most toxic and full of energy, they can easily make up for work. They sleep and forget to eat and disrupt the normal rhythm of life. As a result, they cause chronic diseases of the respiratory system, digestive system and kidney water depletion, urine and reproductive diseases.

Common diseases such as wind, wetness, water stagnation, chills, blood cold, dampness, stagnant water, cold uterus, cold hands and feet, and poor venous blood return.To strengthen the spleen and stomach can raise lung Jinshen water.

  Pine nut kernel walnut kernel qi and spleen diet and conditioning: You can eat more yam, corn, barley, pine nut, walnut kernel, wolfberry, Beiqi, Cordyceps sinensis, lily, cucurbita and so on.

  Medicinal diet can be used “lychee yam and lotus meat porridge”: 15 dried lychees, 15 grams of yam, lotus meat, 150 grams of rice.

First wash the first 3 flavors. Before the rice is washed, add the casserole together, add an appropriate amount of water, boil on high heat, and boil on low heat to make porridge.

  Water-shaped people: Water-shaped people, compared to Shang Yu, like the Black Emperor.

It is human, black, uneven, big head, Lian Yi, small shoulders, big abdomen, hands and feet, issued shaking, long chin, long back.

Not awe, bullying, murder.

Can fall and winter, not spring and summer, spring and summer feel sick.
Water-shaped people are generally demanding.

It feels soft and plump.

Water-shaped people, because they were born in winter, have strong qi and less yang in their bodies, that is, lack of fire.

Therefore, the key to the health of Shui Xingren lies in warming Yang Qi and replenishing fire.

  Lily angelica warming the spleen and nourishing yin diet: You can eat more foods that have the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, warming the spleen and stomach, and nourishing yin, such as beef, angelica, carrot, lily, Huaishan, Ligustrum, mulberry, etc.

  Medicinal diet can be used “yam mutton soup”: 500 grams of mutton, 50 grams of Huaishan, 30 grams of onion white, 15 grams of ginger, 6 grams of pepper, 20 grams of rice wine, 3 grams of refined salt, moderate amount of MSG.

Remove the fascia from the mutton, wash it, draw a few knives, and then pour in the boiling water to remove the blood.

Wash the shallots and ginger, cut the shallots into segments, and beat the ginger.

After Huaishan is soaked with water, cut into 2 cm thick slices. Put the mutton and Huaishan in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, first boil over high heat, skim the floating foam, and add the onion, ginger, pepper, rice wine,Turn to low heat and simmer until the lamb is crispy. Remove the lamb and let cool.

Cut the mutton into slices, put it in a bowl, and then remove the onion, ginger, salt, MSG, and evenly. Pour the Huaishan into the mutton bowl together.

It has the effect of nourishing the spleen and kidney, warming and warming.