“Today’s woman,Really hypocritical,Usually put a high glamorous look,In fact, essence is still a woman……”
In http://www.21drink.cn the Ministry of Security,Summer sitting in front of the computer。
Previous office,He almost all said that he can say.,I didn’t cry, I didn’t cry.……Made a variety of guarantees and commitments。
“Mom,I am right.……”
Summary is not uniform,Don’t stop hands,Quick tapping keyboard。
After a moment,A black and white picture of a screen size appears in the computer screen。
The picture of the picture is very simple and terrible,Three-dimensional screens out of head 骷 骷。
If the two eyes can’t stare at 30 seconds,Will find,Those 骷 骷 all automatically turn it up。
Summer http://www.wmcyw.cn click picture,Login page appears,After filling in the account password,Page turn,Suddenly,The whole picture has become dark。
Dark network!
Many ordinary people don’t know the existence of the dark network,But actually,The dark network is nowhere。
If the Internet is a iceberg,People’s daily browsing website,Forum and so on,Only 4% of all Internet content。
Means of,There is also a hundred percent of the content,Is unable to get easily obtained by standard search engines。
Although the content of this 966,Most of them belong to useless information,But there is still everything you can’t see.。
Children’s trafficking,Human organ,Drug trafficking,Gold hacker,Bitcoin laundering,Weapon trafficking,Buy a murder……
Only think of,I haven’t seen it in this dark network.。
If you say it is welcome.,Here is full of human http://www.asevia.cn deepest darkness,Identify a variety of evil spirits。
Summer now entered the website,Assassin。
It almost gathered the top killer worldwide,As long as you have money,Can reward any person’s head。
Everything here,Both is anonymous。
Summer quickly entered the forum,And open a headline of a big red color。
His name,age,Basic information such as identity career appears in the sight。
Summer is a smoke,Summit,Spit out a smoke,Idiot,“Good hand,It’s 100 million.。”
He is a virtual eye,After reading the rewards content。
Take it to the most first viewing task progress。
Above,I have failed,But it has been taken again.。
For a long time。