Mu Ziyi smiled,He smashed his injured leg,Looking at the European laugh smile,“Landscape,I just used it just,But there is no pain in my leg.,My leg is hard to cure again.,Time in the past month,I have already thought.,let it go,Can better get better,Can’t get better,I will also accept reality。”
European is very bitter,ask:“That Lu Sin,How do you plan to deal??”
Mu Zizi Wei Wei Wei,Looking at your own legs,“this matter,It is indeed that Lu Si and Qin Ning did.,But this woman has always been very embarrassing,Don’t you find evidence??
The video you found ,There is no great role。
This enemy will report。”
Ou Jing, moving his wheelchair slightly,Lu Hao Cheng, who is hiding in secret shooting。
His low channel:“Muzi,Together we will,Don’t forget,We are brothers who grew up from small。”
The few people are not good in prison,There will always be a day.。
Mu Zizi smiled:“Thanks to you。”
Since his disabled,His relatives are speech to him.,How can there be a sympathy?。
Instead, he has these few brothers.,And his mom and dad,Never give up him。
European:“Want to drink water??”
Muzi honing:“I want to drink willow orange juice。”
I heard the willow orange juice,Mu Ziyu suddenly remembered,Some time when he was hospitalized,Every day, I will give him a cup of orange juice.,Sour sweet taste special appetizer。
European:“Wait for a while,I am going to help you.。”
Ou Jingzhen estimated that Lu Hao Cheng also shot almost。
Lu Haocheng took three videos,Directly send it to Blue Xin。
Blue Xin has just arrived at Fashion Square,Just stopped the car,I received a video of Lu Haozheng。
She is slightly eyebrow,This Lu Hao,It can be sent directly to you.,How to send her here?。
NS800chapter:I have never deceive you.
Blue Xin sent a video to Le Yu,Get off the bus to the hotel, etc.。
Le Jie is, it is sorry, sitting in the room.。
WeChat prompt audio,She looks down at a look,Is Blue Xin to the WeChat sent by her,I watched at the point of view.,Is Mu Zi’s video。
She is painful,Slightly,Quick open video,I saw sitting in a wheelchair. Muzi,Slimful,Skin is a lot of white,His eyes are painful,Low head,That is like,She looks more about more heartaches.。
She lows and drinks:“Muzi,Your bastard,Why let me know my mind?,You are never willing to see me.。”
She pulled out a smile。
There is still a long way to go,Why do he have no confidence in yourself??
Look at the front,As long as they together,You can defeat a lot of difficulties。
How does Le Yu want to be unwilling,Did not go to the end,Even if you don’t love the true meaning。
Mu Ziyi pair her,Is it really a sensation of a glimpse??
Only the feelings of the moment??
Le Zhen sent a WeChat to Mu Zizi:Muzi,You this coward,You think that you can’t see me.,Is it for me??
Is true love not to be reluctant??
True love is not going to accompany you people you love together??
Why do I understand my mind??
You smashed me,Muzi,Is this what I mean??
at this time,Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing have left。
Mu Ziyou is ready to work,Although the leg stands can’t stand up,But he has not ignored his work.。