The first task is to be familiar with the operation of various equipment in the quantum laboratory。
This is not a joke,Some high-end CNC equipment,Especially the kind with its own operating system,Just learning how to perform basic operations is nearly one、Two months。Even these graduate students、PhD students are all proficient,One month’s running-in period is indispensable。
You can go to the battery laboratory to help you。
Fortunately, there are not many places that need help。
After the busy exam season,All members of the entire high-energy solid-state battery project team have become temporary employees of Changxiang Technology,After the personnel department obtains the consent of the team members,Four collective rooms were specially arranged for them inside the company。
You can eat and stay inside the company,Basically can make perfect use of this summer,Devote yourself to scientific research。
Do not mention how much economic benefits the results can bring,A famous teacher is staring every day,Basically run in a month,Various operations in the laboratory can be overwhelming。
At least in terms of practical ability,Definitely not inferior to graduate students。
It’s also good for Wang Yufei。
Although the group members still regularly hold sharing sessions after the trial is over every day,But no longer sort out the information and send it to Wang Yufei via email。
But Wang Yufei can directly retrieve all laboratory data and information from the back-end server,It can also directly restore all laboratory operations through various video materials,Even more convenient。
So Wang Yufei can also focus his energy on the quantum ultrabrain,Of course, I will regularly browse the progress of the high-energy battery every night.。
In fact, the most critical material part is solved,The remaining questions are not very complicated。
But Han Jingchang obviously came with the mentality of guiding the children to become useful。