2017 Snooker World Championship four Chinese team entered 16 strong history
In the first round of the 2017 Snooker World Championships, Xiao Guodong defeated Ryan-Dai 10-4 to advance to the first round of his career.In this way, four members of the Chinese legion, including Ding Junhui, Liang Wenbo and Fu Jiajun, made it to the top 16 and created the best results in history.  This year’s World Championships China has a total of six people have entered the main competition, has created the most in history.In the first round of battle, only two young players Yan Bingtao and Zhou Yuelong were out for the first time. Among them, Zhou Yuelong lost the civil war to Ding Junhui, and Yan Bingtao nearly dismounted Murphy.In addition to Ding Junhui’s victory in the civil war, Liang Wenbo, Fu Jiajun and Xiao Guodong broke through successively, and a total of four people reached the top 16.  As the last Chinese player to appear, Xiao Guodong eliminated the world’s 16th ranked Ryan Dai in the first round 10-4.In 2014, Xiao Guodong entered the World Championships for the first time. In fact, he had a chance to break through the first round, but then lost to Carter 8-10.After returning to Cruzburg after three years, Xiao Guodong won Ryan Dai, the lowest ranked player in the top 16 in the first round, leading 4-0 in the start, 6-3 in the first stage, and only 2 in the second stage.Let the opponent get a game and win 10-4.  If you want to beat a top 16 player, you have to work hard because everyone is excellent. If you don’t have confidence, you can’t win anything. When you are confident, you need to tell yourself that I can do it.After the game, Xiao Guodong said that my long platform performance in this game was great. This is Cruzburg. It is difficult for everyone. This is a difficult game. Now I have no pressure to enter the second round.Now, because everyone is under pressure in the first round, now I can enjoy the game.  For the four Chinese players who scored in the top 16, Xiao Guodong admitted that this is definitely big news in China. We have four people who scored the second round, so far from home, we came here, away from family and friends, really not容易,我第一次来英国时,我的英文很烂,只能说 ‘Ok’和‘thank you’,中国人来到最大的困难就是语言和食物,这与在家完全不同,尤其是食物,Some you like some you don’t like.Xiao Guodong recalled the difficulties encountered by England in playing for so many years.  Anyone who comes to play in the UK will dream of becoming a world champion, and of course I do. If I have a chance one day, I must grasp my dream.Xiao Guodong confidently slowly, but in the second round he will face the current world champion-the world’s number one Selby, the two men 13 games in 25 innings, will be divided into three periods on April 23 Beijing timeIt will be held at 2 o’clock on the day, 21:30 and 17:00 on April 24.延伸阅读:斯诺克世锦赛肖国栋10-4将战塞尔比 特鲁姆普爆冷出局斯诺克世锦赛丁俊晖10-5周跃龙 次轮对阵梁文博斯诺克世锦赛梁文博10-7卡灵顿过关将战丁俊晖 2-7到10-9!Fu Jiajun Snooker World Championship staged a crazy reversal

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