Recently, China’s Pension Industry Digital Summit was held in Shanghai. This forum uses the theme of "Science and Technology Help", inviting guests from medical services, health management, birth and pension, urban services, etc., from government, experts, science and technology, ecology, etc., jointly explore future home pension "Digital Health Photo" scene promotes the development of China’s medical health and wisdom.

According to the seventh national population census data released by the National Bureau of Statistics this year, my country is 60 years old and more people, accounting for%; 65 years old and above people, accounting for%. As the world’s population, on the basis of the huge old population, China not only faces the endowment needs of the continuous upgrades, but also the reform challenge of the pension service supply side, but also ushered in the huge era of the old-age industry. Li Weve, secretary-general of the China Quality Exercise Association, said that my country’s pressure is facing the pressure of population and development, an old problem is related to social stability, determines the people’s livelihood, and China Qiji Welfare Association will take its own actual actions, to achieve old, breeding Contribute to the implementation of the target tasks such as breeding and Pu Wei services. Li Changning, Party Secretary and Director of the China Health Education Center, pointed out that scientific and technological innovation is to promote the high-quality development of old-age undertakings and industries, and actively respond to an important support of aging. China Health Education Center will closely cooperate in the relevant fields, in order to promote the development of healthy China to promote the construction of healthy China.