Love is on April 28th, China Construction Seventh Bureau Juyuan City Project Construction site, the head is crowded, the workers rushed to the long team, excited and the feelings of excited. From April 25th to May 1, this year is the 19th "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" propaganda week, the May 1 International Labor Day is coming, and the Zhongjian Seventh Bureau Juyuan City Project organized a theme " Healthy China, Sharing Occupational Health ", benefiting more than 1,000 migrant workers in the project department.

At the construction site of Juyuan City, medical staff conduct blood pressure glucose testing, ophthalmology examination, internal medicine inspection, and health knowledge such as occupational disease prevention, summer common disease prevention, etc. for workers.

During the clinic, medical staff patiently understood the past history and living habits of migrant workers, explaining the physical condition and what to pay attention to.

The clinic of the Juyuan City Project Department of the Zhizhi Seventh Bureau was jointly accepted by the Miston City, and got a good commentary and unanimous praise from the workers. According to Zhang Li Fei, the person in charge of Zhongjian Seventh Bureau Juyuan City, in order to promote the study of party history, China Construction Group launched "I do practical things for the people" to solve the staff of the workers, and carry out the "Health Action" of Care Employees. .

The Juyuan City Project Department actively responded to the call, not only set up a party construction room, the migrant worker night school, the medical office, the psychological bond room, the staff book house and other facilities, but also distributed various labor insurance products and daily necessities for migrant workers. In enhance the participation and happiness of migrant workers, the next step, the project department will combine the actual situation and continue to carry out the "I have a practical thing for the masses". The project party branch uses practical actions to care, warm each constructor contributing to the project development.