Russian Satellite News Agency reported on August 25th, the Russian Karash Nicov Group said in the "Army-2012" forum that the Russian Ministry of National Defense has ratified the technical test task of suicide drones in the "Liuye knife". The national experiment of human machine will begin at the end of 2021.

According to the report, "Liuya Knife" belongs to the patrol army and is a suicide drone. This is a weapon that can be flying for a long time in the target predetermined area in search mode. When the goal is discovered, this kind of unmanned opportunity combats it like a "air-to-ground" missile, and it is also completely destroyed. Kalashnikov Company said: "The tactical technical test task of the ‘willow knife’ tour has been approved by the national ordering party. The National Test of the drone will begin at the end of this year." The company also said that it will accept The "Willow Knife" test prototype of the national trial has been completed according to the experience of use. According to the report, "Liuye Knife" drone was developed by Zalaaero (affiliated to Kalashnikov).

According to the data provided by the R & D side, the drone can carry heavy 3 kg killing warheads and can be flying in the air for 30 minutes. According to the video screen broadcasting this year, the Russian army used the "willow knife" against terrorist positions in Syria. Similar ammons can efficiently blow the vehicles and light armor equipment, machine gun firepower and anti-tank missile positions, enemy personnel aggregation points. "Willow knife" suicide drone can completely self-destroy when attacking the target, and because the drone is dangerous in the landing of warheads, there is no return to the base.

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