This time,地 都 都,And the official position of Upper,Is responsible for the civil affairs responsible,Do not touch the military。
It is estimated that the Yuxian is so uncomfortable.。And this is a disaster,He is also one of the victims。
“Yu Dizhang, this mix is really not enough to defeat.。”
Dou Yi said,Yujia’s inner,Although it is not as good as North Qi Gao Jia,But not a piece of iron plate,The so-called place where there is a rivers and lakes,A little fake。
The cat is called outside the book.,Dou Yi is a radiant,The sweat has fallen.。
True cat,Cat called by the human,Listen carefully,That is still quite different。Uniform,Dou Yi before marry the princess of Fuyang,The family has been raising a cat,Hold more than ten years!
How is the cat call at night?,Dou Yi is very clear。Just now, the voice is that people are learning cats.!
Dou Yi picks up the sword from the wall of the study,Hold the sword handle in the right hand,Then slow down the door of the study。皎皎 明 明 半 半,Sprinkle a silver in a quiet yard。
Peach tree in the corner of the yard,Standing a little black shadow。
Dou Yi slowly approached that figure,The palm is sweaty,I don’t dare to call the guards in the government.。
“Who are you?”
Distance from a long distance,Dou Yi asked。
“The general of Dou does not have to be nervous。”
That person turned around,Moonlight,Is a flat face。
Not asking for Dou Yi,That person continued:“The main public sent me to tell the generals,As for listening or not listening,Then I look at the general of my heart.。”
Gao Baoyi?
Although I didn’t say that“Leader”who is it,But I want to come to Gao Baoyi,It is impossible to have someone else.。
Zhou Guo is going to fight,However, Dou Yi knows,Gao Biyi will not kill his father’s future father-in-law。So listen to what this person said,There should be no harm。
“What is it?,You said directly.。”
Dou Yi asked。
“My business is said.,Dou General Don’t go to the South,Either dispatching grain in China,Either,From the North Line,Follow Wei Xia width。”
Wei Xiaothi?
Dou Yi is very shocked。The current combat plan is top secret,Where is the North Week?,Want to get a few,Never tell Gao Bo Yi!
Or,Yu Yu and Wei Xiaoxuan,How to deploy the North Qi military power,In fact, there is no bottom in my heart.,It is how both sides are guessing the other party.。
From the words that have just been revealed,Gao Biyi is likely to have guessed how the Yu is going to plan.。after all,Every meeting, you are listening to it.,But the ear has been listening.。
Now Zhou Guo’s intend,It is indeed two ways,Obtained from Yusheng City,Attack the North Qi Zhen Pingyang,Always hit the water,Stop in the entrance of the mouse。
Another way,It is the custom-attack Luoyang。
certainly,This is a regular routine,Gao Bao guess,Not a rare thing。Be unfaithful,He predicts Wei Xiaoyuan to go to North Road,This is very simple.。
To know,This place,From Yucheng to Changan,Nor is it a piarchy??Time to the other party,The earliest is also ten days ago.。
Dou Yi asked with a sound color。
“South line must defeat,Dou General in the army,Not necessarily, it is intact.。The gentleman is not under the dangerous wall.,In this case,Wholly。”
This person said,Turned,As a result, it was called by Dou Yi.。