March 24 World Preliminaries Uruguay vs Brazil video online live broadcast address
At 7:00 a.m. on March 24th, Beijing time, the World Cup qualifiers in the 13th round of South America focused on the battle. Uruguay team and Brazil started the first showdown. The Samba team scored 8 consecutive victories. Suarez and Neymar again.Advantages and disadvantages analysis: Home team advantage: Uruguay’s 23-man roster, 12 people play in the European League, 11 people play in the American League, the back defense core is seated by Godin, the midfield is dominated by players in South America, and the defense is full of hardnessThe frontline was led by two superstars Suarez and Cavani.  Uruguay has a strong offensive power. In the current 12 rounds of South America, 11 goals were scored in the first 12 rounds. At least 2 goals were scored in 8 games. A total of 24 goals were scored. The goal was the second most in the South American division, just behind the opponents in this field.  Uruguay has a strong offensive power and also has a good defense. In this session, South America lost only 11 goals in the first 12 games and the second fewest goals. Among them, 6 home games exceeded 5 games with zero blocked opponents and only lost 1 ball. The home defense is the best.Home team disadvantage: Uruguay’s South American pre-guest faced Chile in the last round. The team encountered a big reversal of the opponent 1-3 after breaking the goal first, resulting in the team occupying the top of the standings for a long time and being taken away by this opponent.  Uruguay’s number one star Suarez has scored 47 goals in 90 appearances in the national team’s career. The national team has a record holder. Among them, 8 qualifiers contributed 3 goals and 6 assists, but this time the yellow card was suspended.Leila also suffered a suspension.Away team advantage: Brazil’s current roster is fully selected, the front line is led by Neymar, midfield and backcourt Marginhos, Silva, Alves and Marcelo and other cores are carefully counted. In addition, the Chinese Super League third will Gil,Augusto and Paulinho are also on the list.  Brazil and Uruguay have played in nearly 20 matches, 9 wins, 8 draws and 3 losses. They have met 8 wins, 3 wins and 5 draws undefeated. The most recent South American pre-guest (June 2009) 4-0 victory over opponents, historical confrontationThe package has the upper hand.  Since Tete took over as the team’s head coach in June last year, Brazil has won seven consecutive victories in the competition and has not lost the set. The 2-0 win over Peru in the last round of the world preliminaries jumped to the top of the list, and the team’s morale is booming.Away team’s disadvantage: Brazil’s away game style is more conservative than at home. Although the current South American World had 6 wins, 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, they only played big games in 2 games, and all 6 of them played big games at home.  Brazilian striker Jesús (national team 6 games 5 goals) bid farewell to the current list due to serious injuries, the team’s 9th position again encountered a crisis.Further reading: World Cup South America Brazil vs. Uruguay 23-man roster and player numbers

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