Chinese player for the first time!Cai Xuetong won the U.S. Open Championship
The 38th U.S. Open (U.S. OPEN) snowboard U-field competition ended this morning in Colorado, China, with Chinese player Cai Xuetong taking 88.Winning the championship with 16 points, this is the first time Chinese athletes have won the US Open gold medal.The US Open is the last international A-level snowboard U-shaped venue this season. The event is a traditional top-level professional snowboard competition. This year is the 38th competition.This is the sixth time Cai Xuetong has participated in the US Open. Every time he comes here, he will make some progress.In the final of last year, Cai Xuetong completed the back foot 900 in the second round, which is the biggest breakthrough in her career.But McGrady Mastro and Chloe King performed even better, and Cai Xuetong eventually won a bronze medal.Returning to the US Open today, Cai Xuetong got 88 in the first round with a high flutter and smooth movement.At 16 points, this result ensured that she could beat three Japanese players Haruka Matsumoto, Shina Tomita and Miyuki Ono to win the championship.Snowboarding pioneer Jake Burton died in November last year, and this year’s US Open also added a tribute and a memory of Jack Burton’s alternation.”After the game, a short video showing Mr. Jack Bolton was also broadcast on the scene. It was really exciting for everyone to slide on the venue together.Thanks to Mr. Jack Bolton for his contribution to snowboarding, without him there would be no snowboarding today.”Cai Xuetong said.This season, Cai Xuetong’s outstanding performance, won the two World Cup substation championships in the United States Mammoth Mountain and Calgary, Canada, won the silver medal in the two World Cups in Swiss Lex and China Genting.6 times to win the crystal ball that symbolizes the World Cup total points champion, becoming the first person in the U-shaped venue of the FIS.Sauna, Night Net Editor Sun Haiguang Zhang Yunfeng proofread He Yan

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