Li Hui listened to this,Laughing directly。
“Hey-hey,Then why don’t you continue to be rich??
Also sell?”
“I am anxious to use money.,Otherwise I can sell?”
Ning Zhicheng also wants to test it,Look at Li Hui Rong and Liu Xiangzhi really can see it.。
“boss,50,000 friends are not willing?”
“Then I can say it.,You should write the leaves to look at the green,But there is no new bud,To know that the pine trees will leave the leaves,But you will live a new bud every year.,As for other, I don’t have to say more.?”
Li Hui is just a simple saying.,Ning Zhicheng is the big change。
Because he found a very famous expert to help the pendulum,The result expert said that Li Hui Feng said the same。
The most important thing is that this tree has no sense of treatment.,Because the trunk has begun to die。
The reason why keeps green,It is exactly the expert to use unique nutrients.,Otherwise, it will not have such a scene.。
“become,500,000,Make friends。”
“Hey-hey,In fact, I want to say that 50,000 I don’t want.,After all, I have to use it.,But you didn’t take it just now.,I feel that you have a long fierce.,But people are not bad,So I am hard to make friends.,Don’t think that I am really buying a tree.。”
Li Hui Feng, this,Not only let Liu Xiang front,It is also a glimpse.。
“Little brother,Although you destroy my business,But you like this.,this is my name card,Have time to get together with me,My main business is not to do this.。”
“Hey-hey,become,I will call you Ningda.,this is my name card。”
How did Li Hui also think of itself on the day of the business card in the medicine, can be useful.。
Ning Zhi became the business card that Li Hui Feng was also a glimpse.。
“You are the president of the drug?”
Li Hui also doesn’t know why I have to give him a post to find such a position.。
“A long time,I didn’t expect to bloom everywhere.,Behind the boss is actually a little brother.,I estimate,As long as you have a drug aware house,Your home can start。”
Li Hui Feng said this is a glimpse.。
Pharmaceutical, he is also known,How can there be so much money?。
Even with the merger of drunk fairy,There should be not so much。
“Ningdan,Don’t say this,Maximum only tens of billions,Still add up,How can there be so many?”
“Forehead,Don’t you know that your medicine is now popular?
I have heard that you are ready to take out the advertising time of 20 billion bidding CCTV gold time periods.。”
Li Hui Hui listened to the other party’s words.。
Because these he is really unknown。
“Hey-hey,Ningdan,This time we say,This pine tree, you help me to move to our village.,I give you an address.。”
“I will turn it now.。”