The largest of them,In fact, it’s the perception of Tao。
The memory of the avatar of the universe is mainly for the destruction of heaven、And the perception of many avenues。
Many clones of the Three Realms,The sentiment is too complicated,After all, Li Ming has too many directions。
Two memories collide with each other,Mingling with each other,The laws also meet each other。
This is a wonderful feeling,Obviously nothing,Many roads have become more complete。
“Avenue of Life and Death,Actually the clones on both sides have sentiment—It turned out to be the way to cultivate insects and beasts,All the insights scattered around。。。Good two memory compatible,It’s only half a step away from a thorough understanding。And also cultivated a celestial level insect beast?”
“Great Avenue,The Clone of the Three Realms has actually fully understood”
“Destroy Heaven,There are also many insights from the Three Realms,But it’s far from the world of Universe,Not much progress。”
“In a row,Still really big,Even the entire Zhongshan world is full of formations,Once triggered, I am afraid that even Dao Ancestor can fight head-on。”
“Nine-fold Chaos Restriction,The perceptions on both sides collide with each other,It seems that the fifth stage of refining is not far away!”
“Over the world prison,How to improve the golden core《Ice Tempering》Got it,Although the pure sun spirit pill paid is enough to buy an innate high-grade spirit treasure—But it’s worth it,I owe the deity to bring out the treasures from the world of Moon Lake。”
“Nian anna child,It caused a lot of trouble,I was jealous when I was rushing outside,Fight with Prince Lizinc,Still almost killed the opponent。”
“That old bull is merciful,Actually made a war with me,Compare。”
“Or Zhilan’s good girl,Ordinarily survived the Tribulation,Become a second-class Jindan Tianxian,I will not go to various places,A person obediently studies the formation。”
“I didn’t expect this deity,Eighteen gods and gods have turned to me,Five are gods,The others are pure real immortals!I can now form a seven-day god。”