Li Qin did not accidentally play the second season of “Qing Yu Nian”, Li Xian Yang Zi fits the same frame
On the evening of January 8, “I am Toutiao · 2019 Toutiao Annual Festival” was held in Beijing.That night, a total of 30 honors such as Toutiao’s annual characters, annual film and television dramas, annual variety shows, annual poverty alleviation models were submitted, Xu Zheng, Tao Hong, Hui Yinghong, Da Zhangwei, Zhou Bichang, Xiao Zhan, Li Xian, Yang Zi, Dili Reba, More than 30 stars including Song Qian, Li Qin, Liu Yuning, Chen Linong and others.Just in the past 2019, high-quality domestically produced film and television works, variety shows, and music works have attracted much attention today.The grand ceremony generated various honors based on the headline users’ attention to and search for related entertainment works.In this year’s headline festival, the most popular stars and the new stars of the year are voted by headline users.The selection began on December 23, 2019 and ended on January 5, 2020, and lasted 14 days.According to the final voting results, Dili Reba and Xiao Zhan won the most popular female stars of the year and the most popular male stars of the year respectively; Bailu and Liu Yuning won the female stars of the new power of the year and the male stars of the new power of the year respectively.And on January 8th, Liu Yuning’s 30th birthday, he copied in the interview, the night before the fans celebrated his birthday on the road, the most impressive birthday gift he received.As for this year’s birthday wish, he frankly hoped that there would be a very hot song before the next birthday.Li Xian and Yang Zi took a group photo in the background, surpassing the scissors hands.And Zhou Dongyu and Li Xian, who have a sun-healthy image and won many brands, won the annual brand value star; Yang Zi and Zhang Yixing won the all-round star of the year.Yang Zi, who was picked up for an interview as soon as he arrived at the scene, happened to meet Li Xian in the background. Han Shangyan in “Dear, Dear” met Tong Nian again.When asked what they talked about, Li Xian sold Guanzi, “This can’t tell you.”Yang Zi also responded to” The running man, Yang Zi in the iron “, and said with a smile,” No, this is not what I said. “”In fact, I’m very lucky. I worked with very good actors on these works. I’m very happy and very lucky.”, The site also submitted today’s Toutiao annual actor-related honors, covering the outstanding performance on the screen in the past year, and the important actors that have attracted the attention of today’s Toutiao users.Among them, Song Qian and Yu Hewei won the most anticipated actors of the year.Song Qian found in an interview that she is currently preparing a new album and hopes to meet you in 2020; at the same time, the film and television drama will continue to be filmed, and it will be a different work from the previous one.”A few days ago, Song Qian sang the lyrics” Who’s fault “during the stage performance, and the video of fans supporting” your fault “circulated on the Internet.In response to this incident, Song Qian said that at the time, it was known that Ear Hui could not hear the outside sound, but later it was quite pleasant to see the video.Liu Yan and Xiao Yang won the annual breakthrough actor.During the interview, Xiao Yang found that he was “understated” and that the Chopsticks Brothers will soon release a new song, and that he thinks Wang Taili wrote the best song.”Because this is a song that gives hope, people have hope.The emotions of our works are different every time. This time it is really the world that hurts you. You are heartbroken, you are sad, you have no hope, but the song will definitely bring you strength.”Li Qin and Li Qin and Huang Xuan won the glamour actors of the year.A few days ago, Li Qin, who was countless fans of Lin Wan’er in the outstanding TV series “Qing Yu Nian”, found on the scene yesterday that people will ask her when to shoot the second season now.If there are no surprises, it should appear.In 2019, the senator played Huang Xuan in the film “Only Yun Knows” directed by Feng Xiaogang, and in 2020 there will be two TV series “Aiming” and “Perfect Relationship” to be broadcast.Huang Xuan revealed that one piece of this work is a period drama, playing a sniper; the other is a modern drama, playing a crisis public relations expert, with different shapes and characters.Talking about whether he will cooperate with Feng Xiaogang again, Huang Xuan said frankly that he has not received an invitation from Feng Dao, “but hope to cooperate with Feng Dao in the future, because this cooperation is very pleasant.”” From Xu Xu, he won the figure of the year’s entertainment influence, while Tao Hong won the actor of the year, but the couple did not walk the red carpet together.Tao Hong explained in an interview that she did not catch up with Xu Zheng; at the same time, she also fancy “Call” for Xu Zheng’s new film “Liang Mom”, “If you didn’t catch up with” Liang Mom “on New Year’s Day,You will regret the year.”Tao Hong and Xu Zheng.In terms of music, Zhou Bichang and Da Zhangwei won the annual strong musicians.In an interview, Da Zhangwei admitted that making music in this era is particularly easy to lose, “but I feel lost again, you have to feel that it is a love, and you should not forget why you did it in the beginning.”When asked to edit the video of Wang Yibo, who accidentally injured his partner Wang Yibo while recording” Tiantian Shang Shang “, Da Zhangwei responded that Wang Yibo’s self-confidence in speaking on stage was not so high, and sometimes he would stand closer to him.But he often spread his teeth and claws on the stage, so he would accidentally hurt, “But we are brothers every day, and it is not a matter of bumping between brothers.I was particularly happy for Yibo. My eyes opened and watching someone around me may not have been so red at first. Now it is super red.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He Wu Qihan Editor Wu Dongni Proofreading Li Shihui

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