Original title: Central Bank punishment Sina pays 18.84 million yuan this newspaper (Reporter Cheng Wei) On June 24 The total is about 18.84 million yuan; when the general manager of Beijing Sina Payment Technology Co., Ltd. is given a warning, and it is imposed of 350,000 yuan. According to the publicity information of the central bank’s management department, the 9 illegal activities of Sina payment include: not implemented special merchant management responsibility; payment transaction information is not implemented true, complete, traceability requirements; to open collection business for non-compliant merchants; Business cooperation is not carried out in accordance with the provisions of the outsourcing service; illegal open and use payment accounts; non-regular management customers are not disclosed in accordance with regulations; the relevant changes are not established in accordance with regulations; Method. Therefore, the central bank’s business management department gives Sina payment warning, confiscation of illegal whatever dollars, and fined 10,000 yuan, and the penalty did not have a total of 10,000 yuan.

  As the general manager, the general manager of time is responsible for the management responsibility and illegal establishment of special merchant management responsibilities and violations and the use of payment accounts. Day eye check information shows that Sina payment is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sina Confucius Information Services Co., Ltd., and the chairman and legal representative are Liu Yunli.

The company was established on September 5, 2011, and the registered capital was 100 million yuan, and the central bank payment license was obtained in 2013. The central bank official website shows that Sina payment "Payment Business License" has recently renewed date on November 12, 2018, valid until July 5, 2023.

  It is worth noting that many payment agencies have received high tickets since this year.

For example, on April 29, the central bank’s department public announcement information showed that Shang Yankin payment service Co., Ltd. was directly provided by 16 violations of payment services for illegal fund-raising platforms for illegal fund-raising platforms. . According to statistics, from 2011, the central bank has issued 270 third-party payment licenses to the market, and with the strengthening of regulatory, the current stock of third-party payment licenses have been less than 240. The industry is generally believed that the barbaric growth period of the third party payment industry has ended, and the regulatory agency is taking high-pressure rectification, compliance, and strict supervision. (Editor: Pi Denui, Gao Xing).