[] China Ping An first high-end health management center has been established in Beijing and Shenzhen two places. This is an important layout in the field of high-end health management. It is also a new exploration of "insurance + health" innovation service model. Ping An High-end Health Management Center will rely on Medical resources such as Peace An Longhua Hospital, Beida International Hospital, provide customers with full-closed health management services such as prevention, medical, rehabilitation.

  As an important part of the safe healthy ecotropic circle, the Ping An High-end Health Management Center will become one of the undertaking agencies of Ping An Customer Health Management Services, with comprehensive health management solutions, let customers enjoy "Scene, service, temperature , There is a frequency of intimate services, which will also provide strong support for high quality development of Ping An Insurance. Hu Gangzhou, chief product official Hu Qingzhou, said that in the innovation mode of "insurance + health", the company starts from customer needs, providing customers no longer a risk economic compensation mechanism of single insurance products, but through differentiated medical services, establishing Integrated Health Management Solutions of "Front End Health Management, Middle End Professional Security, Back Efficiency". At the same time, we will continue to wear the product itself, and the comprehensive product iteration is upgraded in a wide range of guarantees. With insurance products as carriers, provide customers with health services covering the full lifecycle, empower traditional insurance main business, becoming new industry benchmarks. It is reported that Ping An High-end Health Management Center is committed to building the best health products and service scenarios, providing high-end medical examinations, health consultations, health risk interventions, slow disease management, nutrition guidance, psychology and sleep health, green medical passage, etc. Health management services, simultaneous integration of financial services such as insurance planning, insurance payment, providing customers with "one-stop" big health insurance ecological service. Du Peng, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of China Ping An Group, said that the first batch of two high-end health management centers in Beijing and Shenzhen is a new starting point. The future will continue to lay out in high-end health management.

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