How to choose affordable vs. luxury skincare investment

No matter how plain a woman is, she cannot use skin care products altogether.
The classification of skin care products can have many different standards. It can be divided according to functions and ingredients.
However, for our MONEY, it can be simply divided into two categories: affordable and luxurious.
How should we choose between these two prices?
  Affordable & Luxury The classification of skin care products can be described as diverse, but for our wallets there are two major categories: Affordable & Luxury.
  Affordable skin care products may not have a gorgeous appearance and noble origin, but the price level effect is word of mouth and the reputation of the common people is very good.
Luxury skin care products are famous and well-known, and they strive for perfection from ingredients to packaging. They are the favorite of ladies.
Affordable and luxurious have their own advantages, how should we choose?
  –Is it a cost-effective, well-received affordable school?
  -Or choose a luxury pie with special ingredients, full-featured features, and incomparable benefits?
  How do the affordable and the luxury take the lead?
Let’s listen to the voices of both parties-“Affordables” want to speak Are there really good goods for cheap?
Hear the reasons for affordable school-Advantage 1: Star products rely on word of mouth Each brand has its own star products.
The so-called celebrity products are the products with high technology content in all the products of this brand, representing the technologies and ingredients of this brand, and the products that rank first in the brand’s global sales list.
It is not difficult to see from the rankings of big shopping malls, the products on the list are usually well-known brand reputation products.
  Advantage 2: With the same line of luxury products Many large cosmetics groups have brands ranging from luxury to affordable, facing various consumer groups, and the technology and R & D behind them will naturally be shared.
But the premise is that when choosing affordable products, you also need to be jealous and choose products with brand and high credibility.
Advantage 3: Of course, the affordable group wins in the price / performance ratio. Needless to say, the price advantage is the biggest feature of the powerful group.
  The “luxury school” has something to say that a bottle of luxurious creams costing thousands of dollars is not a small amount, after all, what is the reason for us to pay for it?
How to explain the luxury school-Advantage 1: Unique and rare ingredients A luxury cream costs thousands of yuan, not blindly.
Often due to the extremely precious ingredients added to this product.
For example: CHANEL has developed and cultivated May vanilla pods in Madagascar for many years, HR active ingredients from Royal Black Pearl of Tahiti, Dior Dior Condensed Golden Series produced from the grape sprouts grown in France’s most famous Yquem estate, BIOTHERM whitening seriesExtracted from billions of years of red algae . these unique and unrepeatable rare ingredients give luxury the most appropriate reason.
  Advantage 2: Technology at the cost and time of development: A cream that takes 10 years to develop, or even longer.
The reason is that high-end brands often have very strict requirements on themselves. They must ensure that the product is indeed effective, and at the cost of research and development, after repeated experiments, the best results can be listed.
In addition, there is cutting-edge technology content-in cooperation with authoritative skin care scientists or research and development institutions, tirelessly research various areas affecting skin problems, and apply the most cutting-edge technologies to the products.
  Advantage 3: Pleasant use. In addition to the effective rare ingredients and technological content in luxury products, the texture and touch of the luxury products are also valued by the brand.
After multiple extraction processes, the texture of the product is easier for the skin to absorb; the silky touch can increase the happiness index; In addition, combined with a variety of floral fragrances, it enhances the sense of joy during use, and makes you fall in love with your cream when you care, and feel goodBeauty naturally accompanies you.