People’s Daily Online Taipei, November 25 (Reporter Wu Yuming, Ren Chengqi) The 2nd Strait Cross-Strait Science and Technology Forum held in Taipei today, nearly 100 experts and scientific and technological people on both sides of the strait, scientific and technological plan management and resource sharing, scientific industry development and management,In-depth discussion of the topics such as biological, energy-saving technology.Minister Wan Steel, Minister of Science and Technology, said in the theme report, both sides of the construction of exchange cooperation platforms, scientific and technological personnel, etc. are good.

He hopes to increase the cooperation between the Science Park and facilities, especially young science and technology workers, college students, and seize the strategic opportunities for innovative driving development.

Dr. Zhu Jingyi, the head of the Taiwan Science Committee, said in the theme report, specializing in the "smart" Taiwan Science and Technology community, to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides and technological innovation needs the broad market in the mainland.

The two-strait technology forum was jointly hosted by the Taiwan Li Guiding Science and Technology Development Foundation, and the mainland China Banaro Science and Technology Exchange Center.