“Forehead,Directly hit the home of God’s adult,Will this will not be very good?。”
The feeling of the fence is not good,And the night feels,It seems that there is no need to hassine Hyphisto。
“But the night,We have no money to buy a house for a temporary。”
Ability to have the station of yourself,It is also the dream of Hessia,But in their own economic situation,Really unrealistic。
“Is Ela Ri Li’s house very expensive??In fact, I brought a little gold.,Just don’t know enough enough?”
Say,Night in the eyes of Hessia and Huffarton,I took out a few of the tiles
“Wow,Night,It turns out that you are so rich.!”
Hessia in the moment of seeing the gold brick,Double eyes。Take a sharpness,A brick in the hands of the night,Incomplete hug。
“although“Eulali”The current price is very expensive,But there is so much gold,I want to buy a house,It should be no problem。”
Huffstothy looks at the gold in the hand of Hersse。
“Night,Let’s go to buy your own house.,Who dares to call me the poor?。”
Herssea is now can’t wait,Have your own residence right away,Crazy, a sleeve of the night。
“Then we will leave,I have always been the god of my family.,I have been trouble you take care of it.。”
Herssia has been can’t wait to rush in front.,And the night is the first with Huffarton, thank you.,Only a headache,Chasing the front of Herssea。
Huffarton looks at the night,There is also the back of Herssea,Not married:“Herssia really found a good home.。”
Before buying a house belonging to your own,Herspia first dragged the night“Adventurer Association”,Registered is http://www.cddjxf.cn your own“Family dependent”。
Reception,It is the half-elf little sister who knows before night.。
When you see the night again,Elyna is also quite surprised。
A few days ago,When she saw the night,The other party is still a newcomer“Adventurer”。
But now,Although the night is still a newcomer“Adventurer”,But the reputation has long been different at the time.。
by“Unrestrained”Body,Beat two“v5”Thing,Already shocked“Eulali”。
Seek time when you see the night,Elyna is also quite a feeling。
“Although I have long known,You may be famous in Ouli Li Li,But I didn’t expect it.,This day will come so fast。”
Elyna’s goodwill,And start inquiry,Night this time comes。
“I have never thought of,There will be so many things in the middle。”
Night is also touching hair,These days experience,It is a wonderful。http://www.mydmould.cn
Journal:One row of streets in the district,Actually, I want to get out of the single dog.,I have lost my face now.
Chapter 182 The people are surrounded by night!
Look at the night and the half elves,I actually laughed.,Herssia’s vigilance。
Then it is like a sovereign,Looking at Elyna,Say to the night。
“Night,Although the elf is pure,But I am far from being a goddess.,Can you be deceived by those bad women?。”
I heard the words of Huscia,Night can’t help but face,If it is not a genus,Need God to accompany,He really wants to come alone.
And Elyna heard the words of Hessia,First stunned first,After that, I can’t help but laugh.。
“Herssia adult,I am just just aware of my night.。”
“However, Herssea actually came here.,Should you want to register your own??
Member’s words,Let me guess,It should be the night.。”
Honest,For this result,Elyna is still quite surprised。
Originally she thought,Night 哉 may join Eura Lioli“Rockey”,or“Fu Le Leada”。
Even if you don’t even,It should also be added to other“First-class genus”,But I didn’t think,Night, I finally chose the Hussea Adult.。