Yoga practice without teachers

Yoga practitioners should first understand the most suitable time, place, physical condition, exercise clothing, and other precautions for the military exercise.

  Time: Early in the morning, before breakfast is the best time for yoga exercises.

You can practice in the evening or at other times, but make sure to practice after fasting or complete digestion.

It is roughly three to four hours after a meal. Drinking liquid food or drink can be practiced after half an hour.

In fact, more specific practice time rules are practiced in the morning before the sun comes out, at noon when the sun reaches the top of the head, in the evening after sunset, and in the early morning at 12 o’clock in the evening.

Practice different content at different times, such as practicing asana in the morning, practicing Panda at noon, and practicing meditation at night.

Practitioners should choose the time that is most convenient for them, and practice at the same time every day. When practicing yoga, the body should remain normal and quiet. If there is an uncomfortable place or condition at this time, try not to practice excessively strong methods.No practice at all.

Perfect multi-practice yoga, of course, can never exceed the ability of the body.

  Location: When practicing yoga, choose a quiet, clean, fresh place. Leave the room as much as possible and choose the open air naturally. Pay attention to maintaining air circulation in the room. This is especially important for breathing exercises., You can put green plants beside you when practicing yoga.

The floor needs to be covered with a soft blanket. The softness can be kept at a relaxed level, and you must not let your feet slip; you can use a padded mat when practicing seated yoga, which can effectively prevent fatigue.

  Quiet: Keep quiet while practicing yoga.

Avoid conversations and mental activities. You can play easy and simple music. In short, you can focus on your physiology.

  Rest: Yoga rest is not an ordinary rest. Each kind of rest is actually a kind of meditation. This effect cannot be underestimated. He can relax the body, feel the energy obtained, and exercise the body’s will to feel the existence of self.

There are two breaks. The first is a short break. This is mainly a 10-30 second break commonly used in asanas. It usually takes about one-fifth of the exercise; the other is a special break that sometimes takes up to several hours.For a long time, for example, body relaxation techniques often practiced by yogis and so on.

In addition to achieving relaxation, this method consciously controls the energy and spirit in the body.

  Exercise clothing: Simple, shorts, wide-leg pants or traditional Chinese training pants for yoga practice; women can wear shorts or stretch pants.

Keep your upper body loose.

  Bathing: In the early morning, practitioners do not need to take a bath before practicing. The specific time for bathing can be determined by the practitioner’s convenience.

If you want to spray with hot water after practicing, it should be done after 15 minutes.

Taking a bath can increase the feeling of cleanliness and relaxation of the human body, so that it performs better during certain exercises, so many people choose to take a bath before the exercise.

  Practice method: To succeed in yoga practice, you must master the right method.

Yoga is a complete scientific system, so practitioners are required to practice in the right way.

If you can’t do it according to regulations, these yoga exercises become odorless machine movements, which run counter to the real hint.

Although not everyone can make all yoga poses flawlessly, they can certainly master the essentials of yoga practice without difficulty.

It is hoped that each individual will practice yoga in accordance with his or her physical limits, and try his best not to be forced.

Every step of yoga practice must be carried out with caution, not too hastily, and gradually increase the intensity and difficulty during the practice.

  Relevant matters needing attention: It is not suitable for women to practice yoga during menstrual periods and four months of pregnancy. In this case, many yoga methods should be stopped and selective forced exercise.

Yoga exercises are extremely effective for treating various gynecological diseases, and they are also beneficial for improving women’s health.

For example, menstrual disorders can be cured through yoga practice. Proper yoga practice in pregnant women can improve obesity and even ease the pain of rehabilitation.