or,Booth can’t see the Dudao Bodhisattva,Didn’t say he can’t,How to ask,Change him to ask the mud buddha.。
Hills,The far-peak is out of the clouds in the clouds。
With the rising sun,Small smoke,Pounds of mountains and rivers replace the beautiful ideas。
This place is back to the mountain,Pre-needle,In the wind and water pattern of this second dragon,An indisporated thatched house is in the Dragonhead position。
Ten people,Each white coat,Lighter sword。
The first young people’s eyes,Pentacoon is distinguished,Also a small white face。
Single one sixty life,He hurriedly rushed,I finally arrived at the dinner in the dinner.。
After entering the city,Solitaire,I can’t laugh myself.,Let the hand laugh together,Received a single lonely message,I can’t laugh again.。
大 大孝,Father’s filial piety。
Thoughtful,Solitaid is indeed a filial son,Looking at the corpse,Swear,Vowed to be hand-blade and walk,Let the world will blood bond blood。
Didn’t have a solitary,Unlike the martial arts or prestige,I can’t replace my father’s position.,Two two hand overhead,It has become a prior to the city owner。
Everyone only talks about funeral,Do not mention on how to retaliate the world,more than this,The front foot is alive from the poisonous wine.,After the back, there is the idea of the transfer world.。
When everyone has their own ideas,No double city is no longer a double city,But a plate of shackles,Just need to hook your hand in the world,I will sway the tail.。
The most miserable,I found someone to learn Cao Yuxiang,挟 天子,I almost arrogant。
It’s good to be weak in the Han family.,He solites more,At least the fun of the fists can still be self-promoted,I have a few faithful home.,Out of the way all the way,Come to the hidden place of Judan。
Solitary,More than ten people poured together before the hut,How is it to cry?。
“Big,Auntie died,The traitor by the world is killed,Headshore,Die so badly!”
“There is no pair of wolf and lungs in the unparalleled city.,There are only our people left now.!”
“Big,You have to host the fair for us,In order to have a double city and the Auntie!!!”
In a lungs,The sword is alone, thousands of bats,There is no expression, watching a villain in front.。
Being a white old man,I can’t take many years,Cold、Cold Heart、Wound,The one of the death is just a passerby,And he doesn’t have a half relationship.。
See the swordsman,Solitaire,On one side cry,Say that there is something that happens in the unparalleled city。
“Aunt’s head was thrown away from the world to discuss,The unparalleled sword of the city is taken away by a monster.,So far falter”
Solita crying:“There is no double city.,People bully!”
Swords and 浑 浊 眼 眸 精 精,As the eyelid is slowly opened,The whole person is highlight,So like a god,Swordscent。
“You said that the geeks,But a red dress,Holding a red umbrella。”
Is this a sword??
Solitary,Lianlianbang Road:“Great God,God can see thousands of miles away,Sincere,The geeks are indeed this。”
“What magical lid,What can be seen in thousands of miles,Tongtong a sentisy,Just this is not a matter of truth.。”
Sword is cold,Looking at the surface of the lake。
There,A red dress,Holding a rain umbrella one hand,One hand, unparalleled sword。