“Ok,We will increase the amount of water,If not, add some fertilizer。Ensure that the height of the seedlings reaches the standard when shipped“
Wang Youcai said,Stood up,Ready to go。
Suddenly Hu Huiru waved and said:“Hey!Don’t hurry,I ask you something,You tell me everything you know。Last time I heard that you and Xia Jian were thereScity,Where is he getting pretty good?”
Wang Youcai did not expect that Hu Huiru would suddenly ask this question。And this matter should be kept secret,How did Hu Huiru know??It seems that all his activities are under Hu Huiru’s control,He has to be careful from now on。
Wang Youcai hesitated and said:“I don’t know the details,I only know,He knows a lot of people,But he knows people in all aspects”
Wang Youcai said very implicitly,Because of something,He can’t say too thoroughly。With Hu Huiru’s ingenuity,Even if he said that,She should be able to understand。
“Ok!I know,Go ahead!”
Hu Huiru heard what Wang Youcai said,She couldn’t help but frown,Turned around and looked out the window。It seems she is thinking about something。
Wang Youcai glanced at her secretly,Quickly walked out of Hu Huiru’s office。The heart he was holding then let go。But he secretly warned himself,He has to be careful。
Drove back to the small clinic。Wang Youcai invited Doctor Lu into his car,I told him about his son Lu Monkey。Although he said very tactfully,But the implication is that it is best not to stay in Pingdu。
Doctor Lu is not a fool,He understood it right away。The old man glanced at Wang Youcai:“I said about the cooperation between us,Not letting him participate is。As for his stay in Pingdu,Go out,I really can’t be his master,So don’t bother about it anymore”
“no no,You understand what I mean。Monkey Lu is not young anymore,I mean,If he wants to venture outside,I offer him a sum of money,Let him mix up a person,What do you think he looks like now”
When Wang Youcai heard that Doctor Lu was a little unhappy,He immediately changed the subject。