Old Chinese medicine teaches you to choose good chrysanthemums

How to choose different chrysanthemum growth environments, the chrysanthemums that are used for medicine are cultivated artificially, and can be divided into chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum and so on because of different origin.

Wild chrysanthemums are wild, mostly longer than roadsides, hills, wasteland, hillsides, etc., distributed in most parts of the country.

Wild chrysanthemum has a good effect on biting the brain, flu, and snake bites.

The white chrysanthemum tastes sweet, the heat-clearing ability is slightly worse, the effect of Pingganming is good, the yellow chrysanthemum tastes bitter, the heat-clearing ability is strong, and it is often used for dispersing wind heat.

Chrysanthemum is not only a traditional Chinese medicine, but also a health product, with little side effects.

Wild chrysanthemum is bitter cold, long-term use or excessive obsolescence will hurt the spleen and stomach yang, stomach upset, poor appetite, bowel sounds, loose stools and other adverse reactions, spleen and stomach debilitation and pregnant women are not suitable.

Therefore, chrysanthemums and wild chrysanthemums cannot be replaced when used, and cannot be replaced by each other.

Chrysanthemum is prone to mold, long worms, the quality of chrysanthemums on the market is uneven, some chrysanthemum processing problems, using sulfur smoke, how to choose chrysanthemum, she taught the following tricks 1.

The color is too bright, too beautiful chrysanthemum can not be chosen, may be sulfur smoked.

Sulfur-scented chrysanthemums are sulphur-flavored after being brewed with boiling water.

Choose a fresh chrysanthemum with a flowerbed and a greenish flower.


Do not choose the chrysanthemums with dark colors. This chrysanthemum is an old chrysanthemum, and it is damp, and may have been moldy. Such chrysanthemums are harmful to the body.


Trying to touch it, the soft, smooth chrysanthemum is better, the petals are not disorderly, and they are not placed, which means that the newly opened chrysanthemums are picked.


The quality of chrysanthemums in the vegetable market is not guaranteed. The chrysanthemums of large hospitals or large pharmacies are individually packaged, with fast turnover and pharmacists’ checks. Relatively speaking, the quality is guaranteed.

The last one, the stomach cold, pale people can not eat chrysanthemums.

For other healthy people, chrysanthemums eat three to five grams at a time, twice a day is enough.

Chrysanthemum tea can not be consumed for a long time. Do not drink chrysanthemum tea for more than two months. If the stool becomes thin during the period, it will be pale and stop.