“Haha,Actually these,There is nothing to worry about。”
“Since you already said that,Then just do it exactly as you said!”
When the voice on the phone is finished,Yang Zhuo already knows it。
Since the person on the phone already said that,Then next,What else does Yang Zhuo need to worry about??
But now look,Other things,Actually, there is no need to worry about anything。
Look here anyway,These things,Actually it’s almost processed。
If this is the case,So don’t worry about other issues for now。
And Yang Zhuo looked at the people around him:“right now,You see it?”
After Yang Zhuo’s remarks,Those around,Nodded again and again。
Of course they have seen it completely,Don’t even talk about other issues。
It’s here,These people feel more and more,Actually now,It’s a good opportunity。
If you can grasp it,Then they can continue to start from this aspect。