Standoff for a while,Cecilia lost patience first,Can’t help but say。
“You are not such a fool who was beaten by the dragon,If not for me,You are already dead!”
Wright froze,After being defeated by the Earth Dragon, someone indeed knocked down that monster,It is equivalent to saving myself。
Although I didn’t trust each other completely,But also put away the long-term。Concise and clear,“I,Wright·O’Connor!Thank you for your last help!”Are you?
“My name is Cecilia·Baruch!”The girl raised her neck proudly,Asked,“What are you doing here?”
“I got a fake treasure map,I want to see if any fools are cheated!”Wright is almost certain that this girl named Cecilia is the brave Manguixiangcheng mentioned by sister Gabriel to inquire about the location of the treasure map.,The girl who was ridiculed later,I can’t help but have some teasing thoughts,But the last name of Baruch。。Seems familiar。
“I。。。me too!”Cecilia heard Wright’s words,Face is flushed。She didn’t want to get it so hard‘Treasure Map’is fake。However, she also knew that it was possible,Just searched,Naturally, I think this so-called treasure map is 80% fake。I heard what Wright said,There is more‘I’m really a fool’a feeling of。
“wrong!”Cecilia shook her head,Looked at Wright very vigilantly:“No adventurer will go to a place where he knows to be a fake treasure map.。You are here to ambush me?”
“Ok,Not right,You did not attack!”Cecilia suddenly realized“You think the treasure map is real,Then I found out that the treasure map was fake after looking for a change?Also said others are stupid!?”
The two talked and mocked a few words,The gap between the previous confrontation seems to be reduced a lot。
Wright put down his weapon,Spread out:“I grabbed a picture from a robber,The location is identified above。But I asked someone in Hometown,I knew that a little girl had inquired about this place with a treasure map,It should be the same as the treasure map in my hand,And more than one or two people recently got such a treasure map!”