Common complications caused by obesity

Some people say: “Obesity is a hotbed of various diseases.” This is true.

It can be said that when your body is just beginning to gain weight, various complications are brewing in your body. In the development, if obesity patients do not treat early, control the growth of weight, the possibility of various complications will be greatly increased.Higher than normal.

  Common common complications of obesity are: 1 obesity complicated with hypertension; 2 obesity complicated with coronary heart disease and various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; 3 obesity complicated with diabetes and hyperlipidemia; 4 obesity complicated with pulmonary insufficiency;Obesity is complicated by obesity liver; 6 obesity is complicated by reproductive-sexual insufficiency.

  Obese people will be severely degraded in the case of high blood pressure, and the body’s ability to stress significantly exceeds that of normal people during surgery and anesthesia.

Once these conditions occur, the disease progression and prognosis of obese people are worse than normal.

  Diabetic women are more likely to have diabetes than normal weight women, and endometrial cancer, gallbladder and biliary tract cancer are also more common.

The incidence of colon cancer, prostate cancer and prostate cancer in obese men is higher than that in non-obese people.

  Simple obesity is easy to concurrent with various complications of respiratory diseases: obesity pulmonary heart syndrome also known as Pickwick syndrome digestive system diseases: cholelithiasis, mild hepatic endocrine metabolic diseases: diabetes, hirsutism, hyperlipemiaSymptoms, gout, abnormal menstruation, infertility, urinary system diseases: proteinuria, nephrotic syndrome, nervous system diseases: neurotic nervosa, bulimia nervosa