Li Hui Feng does not know the idea of Shen Tian Si。
After he left the town party committee, he went to Zhaojia Village’s pig farm.。
Recently, Zhao Xiaoli cooperated with Zhao Xiaoling.,The pole black pig in the pig farm can say that it is very good.,In particular, most of the workers are female workers.,Serving a big black pig, just like a child,All very firm。
For Li Hui’s arrival,Zhao Xiaoli is also happy,After all, Li Hui has, that is, it is a pill.。
Her idea has always been more fierce,But I have no chance to find Li Hui’s wind.。
Li Hui Feng looked at the grapes around the pig farm have begun to spare.,I feel very happy in my heart.。
“breeze,How are you free today??”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli is directly let Zhao Xiaoling turn over the market’s opening and other feeds,personnel,A series of costs such as hydropower handed him。
Li Hui also didn’t think that the two sisters would be so conscious.。
“Hey-hey,Scull,I’m looking at it.,By the way, I want to get the pig farm.,See if you can’t add solar power,After all, the electricity consumption of the pig farm is also a month.。”
Say,Li Hui also puts the account on Zhao Xiaoling。
“This account doesn’t have to give me something.,Waiting for the New Year, just look good together,And if I don’t trust the Ling Sister and the scorpion,Then I will definitely not give you the pig farm.。”
Li Hui said this,The eyes are not aimed at Zhao Xiaoli,It’s just to see Zhao Xiaoli’s bright big eyes containing shame to look at him.。
moment,He thought of the previous things。
“breeze,Just because you believe us,We are better to show you.,I have been managed now in this pig farm.,I feel that there is no big problem.,I don’t have to sleep here at night.,Are you going back tonight??”
“Um,Go back。”
Say this,Li Hui has regretted。
“Gill you just just,The scorpion also wants to go today.,You will take me again.,I also didn’t see you, Liu Shu.。”
Zhao Xiaoling looked at the look of the two eyes,The heart is also not guessing。
“Forehead,Scull,I will walk for a while.,And I have to contact the person who installing solar power generation,Maybe there is no time to bring you。”
Li Hui Feng, but knowing that it is to bring each other,So, the other party’s means is likely to put him up.。
I heard Li Hui’s words,Zhao Xiaoli’s light is not so dark.。
“Really,Then you can’t bother you.,When I arrive, I ride an electric car.,But the scorpion wants to ask you a few days.,I am uncomfortable in these days.。”
Zhao Xiaoli has decided,This time, in any case, you have to get Li’s wind.,Otherwise, it is not a way to drag it.。
“Forehead,no problem,Xia Ling sister is sitting in this town.,Despite the rest of the rest。”
Zhao Xiaoling heard this,I really want to take a break.,But hesitated,Still decided to give up。
Li Hui looked at the wind.,I feel very satisfied。
Continue like this,It can’t be used for a few months,The extreme black pig can grow up.,The first batch of black pigs didn’t want to sell or kill it.,Instead, these extremely black pigs continue to be prosperous。
Of course, these he also told Zhao Xiaoli.。
Want to make money,The first year may not make money very much。
After all, these are imported varieties.。