Munxun and mysterious pain have also guess Chu Deirers,But not much to say,Still in the mystery, more reminded a sentence:“Chu Shi’s military power,I should not see these,And the understanding of Chu Shi,If it is obsessed with martial arts,Did not avoid pearl,If Chu Shi is wants to explore Buddha,Shaolin settled to welcome……”
Chapter 440 Pointer
Chu Deirens kill Ding Chunqiu,Finally, but a heart,Time but feel good for a while——Similar to Ding Chunqiu,If one is not dead,I have a headache after the future.!
Even after the killing him,Some of the drums“clean”,It is already enough to be a headache——Smoked headache……
From time to time, there is a poisoning,Fortunately, Xue Muhua and Chu Deirers,At least Ding Chunqiu,Did you die again。
Toss half a day,Look at it is dark,In the rivers and lakes,Also gradually dispersed。
“Deaf-mute”Obviously there is no guest,Letter Valley Eight Friends a happy smile,Can welcome outsiders,A pair“Why don’t you go?”Shelf。
Skills Feng A,Very good,See so many injuries,Have a few pairs of stretches in an afternoon!
Therefore, even the injury number,It’s all over the night.……
“Have you found it?,What do they seem to be??”Murong Jiu frowned looks at Shaolin’s people left,Asked the Chu Deirers。
“Maybe it’s a big thing?,I have also participated in the two of Wudang.,That is at least certainly not for me.。”Chu Deirers are not worried,Will it be aimed at your own?。
Since it doesn’t matter with yourself,Chu Deirers are just a little curious.。
Chu Deirers also found,Including the mystery of Nan Shaolin、Representing the ruling mountain villa or is a representative Song Tin’s section,There is another group of people,What seems to be plotted?,Even Wudang also participates in it.……
The reason why they will appear in the drum,It seems not only coincidence,Also take this opportunity,Funny mutual“Collude”。
It is because Wudang also participates in it.,Chu Deirers are not worried,Will it be unfavorable to yourself?。
Murong Jiu Wen,Can’t help but blind eye——You are really dare to think,So many people、Even people of Song Ting,All,What do you think about it??
Yugui eight friends“Gift”After walking the rivers and lakes,Among them, the painting of Wu Lei is also coming to see Chu Deirers.,Invite him to enter the mountain.……
It can also be seen that the happy party is really implicit to the end.,One thing is not concerned about the relationship with other factions,Said to be“Gift”,In fact, it is a reminder to everyone.——Go away, let’s go.……Regardless of rice!
Chu Deirers have been related to,Not“Gift”Channel。
Besides,Only Duan Yu,Not“Rush”。
“Chu Tai,The ancestors invited you to see。”Wu Chengjun has called again.“Ancestor”。
Although there is still no formal ceremony,But since Ding Chunqiu is already dead,Naturally, they will return to the teacher, which is the matter.。
At this time, I have a friend.“air”Got up,Even if no one knows what is happy,It doesn’t affect them.。
Chu Deee with Wu Leading,Come to the mountain abdomen,I saw that there was only Wang Yin in the lasawa.、Su Xing River,And another old man——I want to come, there is no cliff, no doubt!
Su Xing River looks white haircut、Fairy,And another old man,Look at the appearance,Even feelings that are more young than Su Xinghe。
Although it is also white-haired,But not only white crystal, as jade、No whitening,And there is no wrinkle on your face。
Overall temperament,Give people a feeling of an older dragon clock,But external but looks vibrant。
At this time, the old disk can’t afford it.,Su Xinghe also worshiped in front of him,What seems to be in the narrative,Face is full of joy and excitement,Wang Yizhen is to accompany the old man,Also help him shoot back,Probably worried that he is too excited……
Seeing Chu Deirers,The old man also saw it,Not casual,Instead, I am looking at,After a while:“kindness,At least a blessing is still。”
Chu Deman:???
What is at least?
And my value,Apart from“blessed”,Is there any other boast??
Chu Deiren,Still modest:“Thank you……Predecessor praise。”
Seeing Chu Deirers unreware of their own evaluation,No cliffs don’t think,Turning to the twist, watching Wang Yin,After that, he seriously asked the Chu Deirers.:“You are Li Qiushi disciples?”