How to acupuncture weight loss can be effective

Lead: The current Chinese medicine weight loss is a big hit, the traditional diet exercise weight loss index, Chinese medicine weight loss is passive weight loss, do not need to exercise all day, as long as you stick to the needle, although suffering from the bitter skin, it is quite a lot ofA female friend who likes sports is welcome.

In addition, with the weight loss index such as liposuction, Chinese medicine is more flexible, there is no seasonal limit, and all seasons are suitable.

Acupuncture and weight loss on the street can be seen everywhere in the “Acupuncture and Weight Loss” signs of the Chinese medicine beauty salon.

So where do Chinese medicines need to pay attention to weight loss?

What should I do if I encounter a platform period?

How does Chinese medicine lose weight?

The weight loss institutions are mixed, how should ordinary consumers choose?

Acupuncture and weight loss are more effective than two courses of treatment. It takes two courses to be effective.

Initially, you need to go to the needle once a day, and adjust it to the next day after one week.

Can not operate during menstruation.

Basically a course of two months, two courses of four to five months.

The weight loss effect depends on your personal physique. Generally, you can start to see the weight loss effect in a week or so.

Obviously, the menstrual period is a special physiological period. It is not advisable to carry out excessive treatment and maintain a state of balance.

The platform period can rest for one month and then continue to lose weight. Weight loss is a process of short-term weight change. For example, there is a period of rapid decline, a period of mitigation, and then a platform period, that is, there will be a period of fatigue.

Anything that takes a long time will have a period of fatigue, and the body will produce a resistant reaction.

Just like you eat a food, although you like it, you eat it every day.

You are bored.

By the same token, acupuncture weight loss will also have a point of fatigue, which is a normal physiological response.

If you experience fatigue, it is generally recommended to temporarily stop the needle, rest for about a month to continue to lose weight, as long as the diet is right, it will not affect the weight loss.

Acupuncture weight loss also needs to control the diet to prevent rebound. Many people lose weight after success, there is a misunderstanding, thinking that they can eat, in fact, this is wrong.

It is a lifelong thing for a woman to think beautifully.

In order to preserve beauty in this life, women need to resist aging and obesity at all times.

Therefore, whether it is beauty or weight loss, it needs to be adhered to for a long time.

Obesity is mainly because the absorbed energy is greater than the energy consumed.

People will do addition and subtraction, you eat a lot, and less, then your body naturally saves this part of the excess energy into a mole.

Aunt is a major form of excess energy, so if you eat more than one, you will gain weight.

After successful weight loss, you should also keep communicating with the doctor. Generally, the Chinese medicine weight-loss institutions will provide some follow-up follow-up guidance services. After the treatment, consumers can take time to return to the clinic regularly, twice a week, supervised and guided by doctors to raiseChengcheng forms a good habit of living and will not overeating.

How to choose a distance from a Chinese medicine weight loss institution (1) The general consumer chooses a weight loss institution, first of all, there must be some common sense judgment.

A lot of advertisements outside, what kind of “day thin, night thin” and so on, you can know that it is gimmick, impossible; (2) go to the scene to see if you have a license.

Chinese medicine weight-loss institutions must have medical qualification certificates.

General large-scale chain agencies have a unified logo and decoration style.

There are a lot of “cottage” weight-loss institutions, the name is changed a word or the order of the words is adjusted, and someone will be fooled if not careful.

(3) It is also necessary to understand the quality of the practitioners: when consulting, the service staff should make senses, not arrogant, not in a special tempting language, he must actually talk about it.

The consultants of the institutions in the distance are generally very heart-to-heart tell you that weight loss is not immediately successful.

You can try some methods that are easier to see and give yourself confidence in losing weight.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether the physician performing the weight loss is a doctor’s professional qualification certificate, especially acupuncture and other medical items, not everyone can easily tie it.