“Ouch,Got it wrong,When I was in the county,Someone got off the car and went to work,You help me touch one out!”Hehe said with a smile。
Where did the security guard stop talking?,Heiwa kicked the accelerator,Drove the car under the office building,Xia Jian who has reached the second floor,From the window of the stairwell,Stick out,Gave Heiwa a gesture to wait for him。
Whole office building,When they came last time,Has completely changed。
Not only the layout has changed,Even the people at work,Also a serious look。Xia Jian saw the second floor from the first floor,I ran into a few staff members who met each other,Everyone just nodded,No one asked him why he was here。
Xia Jian wanted to go to the second floor,But when I think of people in the finance department know him,Went straight to the third floor,One on the third floor,Obviously feel different,No one in the aisle,Xia Jian walked along,On the sign at the end of the house,With the words general manager。
This should be Guo Meili’s office,Xia Jian walked over gently,Push with hand,This door turned out to be open。
Through the gap in the doorway,No one in the office,Xia Jian couldn’t help but feel happy,Walked in。A room that is not spacious,Set up a big desk,Two single sofas and a coffee table,A filing cabinet was also erected against the wall。
Walked to the big swivel chair in the office,Xia Jian discovered,On the wall on the left,Decorated a hidden door with patterns,This discovery surprised Xia Jian。
Why did Guo Meili install hidden doors in the office,Is there really a secret in this?Xia Jian thought of this,Walked over,Push gently on the door with your hand。
The door opened silently,This surprised Xia Jian,But he immediately calmed down,No one inside,One single bed is fully covered,Several women’s clothes hung on a hanger in the corner,This turned out to be Guo’s beautiful lounge。
Just when Xia Jian was in a trance,The sound of high heels came from the channel,Xia Jian in a panic,Heel pick,Gently closed the door of the lounge。
With the boom,I feel the door outside is pushed open,And then the door is closed again。
“Ha ha,I do not speak,I keep listening to you!such,I can’t tell on the phone,Let’s meet later,All right,I change clothes”A woman’s loud voice came in,Xia Jian listened carefully,This is Guo Meili’s voice, no doubt。
Need to change clothes,Xia Jian then remembered that he was still standing in the rest room,This is how to do?Just this big room,And there is nothing in the room,Once Guo Meili found him,This person is lost。
Don’t let him think about it,The sound of high heels hitting the ground came towards the door,Xia Jian,Suddenly saw the hanger in the corner,Fortunately, this woman has a lot of clothes,Xia Jian rushed over,Got behind the hanger,Piles of clothes on hangers,Cover him tightly。
Just stood there at Xia Jiangang,The door of the lounge opened,Guo Meili came in,She put the phone on the bed,Then closed the door,I did not forget to draw the curtain。
Every subtle movement of her,Xia Jian, who was standing behind the clothes hanger, saw clearly,But doesn’t she know that she has a pair of eyes staring at her。
Guo Meili took off her riding boots first,Take out a pair of slippers from under the bed and put them on,Xia Jian can’t figure it out,Does this woman wear slippers when going out??