“what happened,Wang Teng is not here yet??”
Look at Wei Yuluo,Since he came here,Then he has only one purpose,That is to deal with Wang Teng。
If Wang Teng is not there,So much,Still let Wei Yuluo feel very disappointed。
But this time,The people around look at Wei Yuluo,Don’t forget to say it here。
“Boss,Wang Teng did not come。”
“But the one who came here,Are Wang Teng’s men。”
When the people around you are talking to Wei Yuluo,At this moment,Wei Yuluo’s brows wrinkled slightly。
what,Wang Teng’s men,What is going on?
“Wang Teng can’t come,Does this look down on us??”
“Call someone over,Do you want to send us??”
When Wei Yuluo finished,Those around,Actually think so。
So these people,Yelling,Do you want to kill it now?,Give the other party some color to see。
but,Just when these people are still here secretly thinking,Suddenly someone,Don’t forget to say it again。
“but,Our people,It’s not their opponent at all。”
at this point,It’s already quite tricky。
I’m finished with these words,at this time,For Wei Yuluo,This is really tricky。