“Liu Gou?Your name is really correct,The nose is more sensitive than a dog!”
Chen Xiuyi heard that his surname was Liu,I immediately confirmed that this was the person sent by Liu Fengxing,I don’t have to force a confession anymore,Thought to myself:“I didn’t want to cause trouble,Sneak out of Shennongjia。Since he came to provoke me,I’m not so easy to get along with。I can’t beat you,I can’t disgust you so much!”
Liu Gou saw Chen Xiu’s face uncertain,Stop forcing yourself to confess,Instead, I panicked.,Hurry up:“What else do you want to know,I said、All confess!”
“Hehe……I really think about it now and there is nothing you want to explain!”
Hear Chen Xiu’s magical laugh,Liu Gou’s face turned ashes,If there is no use value, the other party is going to die!
“do not……Do not kill me,I still have value……Still worth……”
“is it,tell me the story。If it is valuable, I can consider letting you live!”
Liu Gou hesitated,In a hurry, I can’t tell what else I can do to Chen Xiu.。
“Chance for you,You can’t tell by yourself,Don’t blame me for being cruel!”
Chen Xiu’s blue sword energy condensed in the palm of his hand to wipe it off his neck,Liu Gou quickly shouted:“I……There are secrets of combat skills in the soles of my shoes!”
“Combat skills?”
Chen Xiu got interested now,The cloud-fighting knife technique he learned from Zhu Huiwei can be regarded as a good set of knives in the secular arena six hundred years ago,But compared to the realm of cultivation, it’s just a set of innocent sword techniques。
Later, Chen Xiu based on the cloud punching knife technique,Cooperate with Guben《Tao Te Ching》Comprehend Promise Slash and Spiral Strength,Although it has the power of Rank Nine Combat Skills,Strictly speaking, it is not a complete system of combat skills.。
Now Chen Xiu has the supreme mind of one door《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Training with the Witch《I Ching Bone Forging Work》Two cheats,Dharma can be described as both internal and external,Only technical combat skills lack a complete system of combat skills。
Liu Gou sees Chen Xiu’s heart,Hurry up:“The secret book under the sole of my left foot was obtained from the family library‘Yi Jianshu’,Can break the world’s combat skills,Yes……Is the best combat skill!”
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