Zhou Jianji glanced at the water in the moonlight that bothered Wavelin and said:“In all likelihood, the corpse was thrown into the river。”
Saying he walked into the river,Stretch your head and look,Suddenly a big hand came out from the reed by the river,Caught his neck in a hand,He wants to scream,But that hand is like a pair of tongs,He can’t break away。
Very slightly,Zhou Jianji himself heard thunder like a dry field,Because this is the sound of bone breaking from his own neck bone,He is shocked without extra time,Black eyes,Already dead。
Zhou Jianye behind saw him shaking,I thought he was just by the river,Smiled:“Watch out for piranhas jumping out of the river to bite your chicken!”
No reply from Zhou Jianji,The body shakes a bit more,He also walked to the river with care,Pull open the trouser chain,One side is saying:“See how you shake,I’m in a hurry!”
He turned his head and looked,I was so scared that I was so scared,I saw that Zhou Jianji had run out of life,Head down towards the river,It didn’t fall down just by holding a stick to my chest。
It’s too late for Zhou Jianye to exit the river,Suddenly stretched out his hands in the water, pulled his feet and dragged him directly into the water。
He still hasn’t reacted in the water,One arm clasps the neck vigorously,He opened his mouth to scream,The lack of water pouring into the mouth just issued a string“Guru、Guru……”The sound of。
He hit back with his elbows,I want to hit the person holding him,The other party is directly crossing his waist,Like a lock locked his arms,Can’t move at all。
947 World Detective
“Lying,Why is he so strong!”
Zhou Jianye exhausted his true energy and focused on his arms to struggle, but he couldn’t move a bit。He knew that Chen Xiu had a double off in vitro,Just comparing strength can be described as invincible at the same level。
Chen Xiu’s arm clasped Zhou Jianye’s neck tightly,His feet are locked around his waist,No matter how hard Zhou Jianye struggles, he can’t get rid of it,I just feel that my body can’t help sinking but I’m gradually on the riverbed,It’s even more from the ear“Click、Click”The sound of,The sound of cervical spine fracture。
Gone then。