Everyone needs respect

In the United States, when a well-known Futong walked on the side of the road, he met a ragged, young man with a skinny stall selling old books in the cold wind carrying moldy bread.

The wealthy businessman who experienced the same suffering experience had a pity of ben, and he put the $8 into the hands of the young people without thinking, and then walked away without looking back.

Not far away, the wealthy businessmen suddenly found that it was not appropriate, so they quickly returned, smashed two old books from the stalls, and apologized to explain that they forgot to pick up the books, hoping that young people would mind.

In the end, the wealthy businessmen solemnly told the young people: “In fact, you are a businessman like me.

“After two years, when the wealthy businessmen were invited to participate in a charity fundraising meeting where a merchant gathered, a young bookstore with a suit and a suit greeted him. He was not stunned by his hand: “Sir, you may have forgotten me.”But I will never forget you.

I always think that I have only the fate of begging in my life, until you tell me personally, I am a businessman like you, which makes me establish self-esteem and self-confidence, thus creating today’s performance.”I did not think that a common sentence two years ago could have set a self-respect for a person with low self-esteem. A poor and destitute person recovered his self-confidence. A person who thought he was nothing was able to see his own advantages and values, and finally passed his self-improvement.Efforts have been successful.

  It is not difficult to imagine that the rich businessman even gave the young people a lot of money. Without the words of respect and encouragement, the young people will not suddenly experience the drastic changes in their lives.

This is the power of respect.