Jiang Wan’er tossed for a day,Too tired。
Fang Yu took a look,iPhone。
Myself here,But no charger。
In her bag,nor……
“I’ll go out and buy a charger……wait for me!”
Fang Yu left the phone to Jiang Wan’er,Leave in a hurry。
Came to a nearby mobile phone store。
Fang Yu paid for his phone,The phone rang。
I saw a strange local call,This number ends in888。
Fang Yu hesitated,Still picked up。
“You took my daughter,I hope you give me an explanation!”Jiang Yiyun’s indifferent tone,Questioning Fang Yu。
“Explain what?”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“you……You took my daughter away,Don’t you say something?Do you think you,Is it worthy of Wan’er??”Jiang Yiyun shouted coldly。
“Wan’er is willing to go with me!You want to come and take her away,I can’t help it……”
Fang Yu replied。