If the Infinite Demon Lord started to block the door of the Purple Moon Holy Land,They are not surprising。
Because the connection between the Purple Moon Holy Land and the Universe Sea is almost completely cut off,They don’t know that the entire Purple Moon Holy Land has shrunk by 90% now,And inside the Purple Moon Holy Land,The strong, including the ancestor of the purple moon, are desperate。
Once the Purple Moon Holy Land is completely swallowed,All the strong are bound to fall。of course,The ancestor of the purple moon will not fall,But because of the death of the small universe,He himself will never be able to improve。
But the saddest thing is,He doesn’t even know who ruined his small universe。
The second big event,Also of the human race。
The founder of the great axe of the human race,Broke through!
Yes,Is that strong,Once the founder of the strongest giant axe in the universe。
After he entered the Fourth Jedi,It’s also constant experience,It is also one of the six sects of the Universe.,And created the tenth-order secret method,Moves to reach the realm of Void True God。
of course,He did not directly break through,He still has two and a half reincarnation times to polish himself,Naturally not in a hurry to break—not to mention,The world beast catastrophe is still a secret in the universe,But in the true gods of the human race, it’s clear。
The Great Axe also understands,In the future, he will fight with the world beasts,Naturally not in a hurry to make a breakthrough。
But even so,Relying on the front of an axe will the first reincarnation era,Also mastered the mystery of divine power burning and the head-holding rat smashed by the ancestor of the mechanical flow.。
To know,The strength of the ancestor Mukuro was not much different from the first Allah of the God Eyes.。After mastering the mystery of divine power burning and mechanical flow,Strength is to reach an extreme,There are many original ancestors who think they are better than that。
However, in front of the founder of Giant Axe,Reluctantly to save his life。The giant axe casts the tenth-level top secret【Eighteenth Axe】Rear,Almost tore the Skeleton’s True God armor。
If it’s not for the giant axe,,I’m afraid the skeletons are going to fall。Since then, Mukuro has also determined the terrifying strength of the founder of the giant ax。
As for the third big thing,It’s the first time Universe and the Beasts。